Saturday, December 8, 2018


First:  I have sent reminders for the upcoming Penny MacLeod - Dana the Life of the Party - class.  This first lesson will be posted mid-January so don't miss out.

There is still time to join us if you wish.  Just email me at and I'll get invoice out to you for the 6-lesson packet of $150.

AND:  I will be forwarding invoices for the first Butterfly Quickie Class to those who indicated an interest in the class - those should go out mid-week.  This class will also begin mid-January.  If you still want to participate just pay the invoice.

 If you are no longer interested just ignore or let me know - If you would like to join this group let me know and we can continue taking students until I run out of kits.  This is an all-inclusive, one-time only class.  You receive the painted canvas, threads/embellishments, stitch guide lesson all for the price of $99.  NOTE:  To keep costs down on these projects threads are cut to length needed.

Deux Bijoux Bijoux has created some custom ornament stands for this series of those who may be interested.  They have the canvases and matched colors. Remember these are created by hand and there is a fairly large backlog of orders between the beautiful custom trays, frames, etc., that they create.  But the sooner you get on the list the sooner you would get your stands.  When you notify me by email to that you are interested in ordering, we will invoice you for half the price to hold your order - when they are ready to be shipped you will be invoiced for the remainder of the price plus shipping/handling.  I will be sharing a picture and price with you soon - -


Are you aware that we have many of our stitch guides available for instant download from our website?  Just go to and look under the drop-down menu 'Stitch Guides for Sale' and find the ones of interest to you.  They are processed through PayPal cart and you will get a pdf to download instantly after funds have cleared.


Check in often as we are adding new guides as time permits.

Making it short and sweet today - have a great week and tune in next week to see a peek at the results of the Lessons for the Online Mystery Classes.

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