Saturday, December 15, 2018


We just announced our new adventure.  I am experimenting with an Etsy Shop.  The purpose of the shop is to first of all offer surplus class items.  I always seem to get way too much of everything and I should really let some of it go.  Then I also wanted to start selling some of our cross-stitch chartpaks - gotta get those photographed and listed.  And then maybe a few beaded things that I play with as a hobby.  If you get the opportunity please go check it out and I am open to any suggestions as this is totally foreign to me.  The shop name is DuoDesignsbySandra - not my choice but it works and makes Etsy happy.


Lessons are posting today for the mid-December groups.  It is unbelieveable that these are the last lessons for the year. 
We said goodby to a couple of our classes.

Our third Reindeer from the Raymond Crawford Series - Reindeer with Candles Blanket received his beautiful collar.

Every Bunny from JP Designs has Teacher's Pet featured this month

I love the eyebrows.

Raymond Crawford's Christmas Start - 12 Drummers Drumming

This is the last of the year-long project.  Can't believe it is over.


We have invoiced for our new classes that will begin the January 2019 Season!  We have invoiced:

Penny MacLeon - Dana- Life of the Party

Let me know if you did not get your invoice or if you want to join us.  There is still time - email me at

Reindeer - last of the series for us - Reindeer with the Poinsettia Blanket will have its first lesson mid-January.

He is so regal!

And our first introduction to the Butterfly Quickies - the first in the series of 8 classes. These designs are from Burnett and Bradley.

Kit will have enough thread to complete the stitching and beads for the embellishing - including 2 for the antenna.  Handpainted Canvas, threads, beads and stitching instructions all for $99.  Shipping/Handling is going to be $7. 
We are thrilled to announce that Deux Bijoux Bijoux has made two custom ornament stands for this Quickie Series.  They will work with all 8 of the designs we will be featuring.  The stands are $44 each plus S/H.  We are taking orders now for them.  As you can imagine there is a huge wait list for their fantastic items so if interested be sure to order now and get ahead.We will invoice for a $20 deposit per stand and then invoice for the balance plus S/H when they are ready to ship.

Needles 'N Fins Stitching Adventures

Excitement continues to build as we plan our Mediterranean Stitching Memories 2019 stitching cruise.  This year we are going to do a little different venue just to experience a different option.  While I love the riverboats, I am not opposed to a slightly larger ship.  I don't think there is any question as to how I feel about the larger ocean liners but I can handle the smaller ships that go to the Seas such as this beautiful Azamara Pursuit.  Another would be the ships that navigate to our Alaskan hopes.

This trip is scheduled for October 24 through November 4, 2019.  Several have already shared with us that they plan to add a couple days on the front end in Rome and some on the back end in Barcelona!  We are going to have so much fun.  Hop over to Needles 'N Fins Stitching Adventures to see the full brochure and also scroll down to see the extended itinerary of optional excursions shared by our agent Liz.  We would love to have you join us. Email Liz at
 for travel information, etc.

An aside . . .

Hubby and I are great Hallmark Movie watchers.  He naps through most and I stitch through most.  But we still enjoy them because they always have a happy ending.  I not longer deliberately expose myself to stressful movies.  If I can't laugh and enjoy it, then I don't watch it.  One of the things that is always included while watching the movies is our dialog.  Movie starts and during introduction of the characters we manage to identify the first significant other and comment - he/she doesn't know it yet but they are history! Somebody is always transferred or forced into a different venue - meets someone they don't hit it off with right away - but . . . you know they are going to become an item.  Aww but there is more.  Hubby has been napping, right?  Wakes up - question - have they had the break up yet?  Yep, there will be a confrontation of the ex showing up at an awkward moment, then the wrong impression is made by new love interest, then . . . breakup.  Return to the original scene and somehow the new love shows up, they make up and everyone lives happily ever after.  My kind of movie!

And so I leave you with this to ponder

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