Saturday, August 18, 2018

More Face to Face Classes in the Near Future -

This coming week I leave to teach at ANG Seminar in Washington DC.  Last time I was at Seminar in DC, I left late on the night of 9-10. (9-10-01)  You know what I awoke to the next day!  Unbelievable.  Still stings.

I am looking forward to seeing the friends once again that we seem to only cross paths at Seminars (ANG or EGA).  Always a special treat.

After Seminar I will have a class in Washington State (Seattle) in September.  More about that later.

Then it will be time for our annual Needles 'N Fins Stitching Adventure.  It is hard to believe it is almost time to go Stitching Down the Danube!  Been preparing lots of surprises for my participants! This is the really fun part for me.  Then, of course, all the excursions we are fortunate enough to get to enjoy along the way.

Be sure to sign up for our Facebook page that follows our upcoming stitching adventures. Just join and you will be notified of discussions and what is planned. Go to Needles 'N Fins Stitching Adventures and ask to join.  There we discuss all kinds of things travel/stitching related that we may be interested in doing down the road.  Oh, and you do not need to stitch to enjoy our adventures!  We have almost as many hubbies coming on our next adventure as we do stitchers. Just adds more fun to the experience! We don't want you to miss out!

Next trip on the agenda is our Canadian Rockies Train/Motor Coach Stitching Adventure.  We're looking at adding a Spring trip to our agendas.  We'll see how this works out. I have had the Canadian Rockies Train ride on my bucket list and was thrilled to see this as a requested upcoming adventure. I look forward to this adventure with great expectations.  I will be starting that exclusive design soon after I return from my teaching contracts. Be sure to go over to the FB page of Needles 'N Fins Stitching Adventures and read the beautiful brochure describing what is in store!  We would love to have you join us.

Did I mention that I am so hopeful of seeing one of these guys on this adventure?  Fingers crossed!

In case you missed it, we are registering folks for our next Online Mystery Class - Every Bunny Needs Some Bunny from JP Needlepoint.

First lesson is scheduled for mid-September.  Invoices are being processed. Kits have been prepared for those asking for assistance. Those will be mailed out shortly - we are waiting for some special embellishments before placing them in the mail.  Still time to join us!  Just email me at  Remember that the classes are 6-lessons distributed once a month around the middle of the month.  Most classes are $150 for the 6-lesson packet. You are encouraged to purchase your canvas and threads from your LNS.  If you need assistance just let us know and we can help you. We work with providers that will guarantee that all threads and embellishments are as asked for in the lessons. No substitutions.

A couple days ago we posted the mid-month classes for our various Online Mystery Classes.   Here is a peek at what we worked on.

We said goodby to Catitudes!  I know I sound like a broken record but it is always kinda sad to end a class. Fortunately, many of my wonderful students are repeaters so I still get to play with them in future classes as well.

Mr. Dapper Dan was up front and center to bid the class participants farewell.

So what's happening with the doggies? 

Would you look at that sweet face?  Mr. Street Wise has it all together and is taking 'nothin' from nobody'!

We finished some of the Steampunk Witch's (Brenda Stofft) friends.  Here we share the crow.

The 8 Maids a Milking came through in the Christmas Stars Series from Raymond Crawford.

More registrations are going on for upcoming Online Mystery Classes for 2019.

January will introduce our first class of a Penny MacLeod design - Dana.

We're having fun with the stitching on this one too.  Come join us at

We will also begin our Butterfly Quickie Series from Burnett and Bradley Designs. The tentative first butterfly is a beauty.
I can tell you one thing - there will be bling and beads!  Email at if you want to play with us.  The Quickie Series means it is one lesson and one all-inclusive package:  painted canvas, stitch guide, threads and embellishments.  (Kinda like one-stop shopping!) Each class will be $150 or less.  

Oh, I had a few class kits left from our Italy adventure for the ribbon ornament - let me know if you are interested - $45 (canvas, threads, beads, stitch guide, finishing instructions).  First come-first served.


Okay, I will quit for today!  Gotta start putting stuff together for my upcoming f2f class next week!  Stuff is all over the place! (But that is the norm at my house.)

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