Saturday, June 2, 2018


We continually roll out monthly lessons mid-month for each class.  Some months are more challenging than others to meet that deadline but so far so good.  It is particularly rough when I am traveling.

But, as we close and finish one design we try to have something new waiting in the wings. Students are good about sharing canvases that they would like to have included in the agenda and if there is enough interest amongst the troops, it gets added.

For the remainder of 2018, we are adding a Christmas Star each month.  This is from our Quickie Series. The stars are from Raymond Crawford.

In 2019 our Quickie Series will be the beautiful Butterflies from Burnette & Bradley.

Ya' think there might be some bling in there somewhere?  I envision these finished on dowel sticks and stuck in beautiful flower arrangements.  (Now, if I could just learn to make beautiful flower arrangements - hmm.) These will be $150 or less all inclusive (handpainted canvas, required threads, embellishments, and lessons).  To be included on the notification list just email us at AND . . . rumor has it that there are stands being custom made for this class - can't wait to see them - they will be available as an optional purchase.

In September we have 2 new designs joining us.  The fun and frolicking bunch of bunnies from JP Designs! Every Bunny Needs Some Bunny Sometime.

We have had so much fun with the Cats - Catitudes, and the Dogs - Dog Gone Good, that the bunnies can't be anything but great!  If you want to join in the fun just email me at and we can add you to the notification list.  Invoices will be processed around the first of August and the first class will be mid-September.

Next up will the third Reindeer from Raymond Crawford that we are doing. This custom class schedule will be on the Reindeer with the Candles on its blanket.

That pretty much finishes out the 2018 season for newbies.

2019 has lots of great designs in the plans as well.

We will start the year with our first Butterfly Quickie. 

Not 100% sure but this might be the first one.  To sign up go to and tell me to add you to the notification list.  My goal on these classes is to keep the all-inclusive kit cost $150 or lower.  This means that there will likely be cut threads and not always full skeins or cards.
Also, as mentioned above,  we are having a custom made ornament stand to match the individual butterflies as an optional purchase.  These will be varying heights to accommodate displaying all 8 butterflies in a group.  Won't that be fabulous!  These will be special orders and will require advance payment.  More details and pictures as they become available.  

A new line to us - Penny MacLeod - is being introduced.  Dana-Life of the Party is amongst out new 2019 designs.

This 6--lesson packet is $150 and will be invoiced around the first of December.  First lesson is scheduled for mid-January.

Our fourth and final Reindeer is also being added.  This guy has Poinsettias on his blanket.  Raymond Crawford Designs did not disappoint.

Love the attitude!  What a way to finish off our series of four!

In February we have the 'green one'.  This guy is also by Raymond Crawford.

The wreath offers us many opportunities to play with some interesting threads and different technique.  It will be just as much fun as our previous wreaths - lots with which to experiment!

There are lots more coming but I'll share those in another post. 

Don't forget that there is still time to register for the Winter Cardinals being hosted by the ANG Space Needlers chapter -  Registration ends July 1 so don't hesitate.  They do accept ghosts too.

That's it for today.  I'll be off to Houston next week to teach at Chandail the beautiful Robbyn's Nest Butterflies.  I understand that class is full but you can still stop by and visit with us.

Have a great week!

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