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I briefly mentioned last time that my webmaster has been adding some of my stitch guides to the website.  These are all in the pdf format and are ready for instant download.  So when you have a few minutes grab a cup of coffee and go over and have a look.  Might be something you are looking for. 

I must confess that since I have been trying to maintain a blog I no longer spend much time working on keeping my website updated.  There are just so many hours and we all pick and choose.  I remember saying one time 'there just isn't enough time' and a professor responded that we all have the same amount of time in a given day - it is how we choose to spend it.  This past month has given us the loss of two very wonderful people that came into our lives and it makes you stop and hesitate a moment to remember what is important and to remember that our given days are a special blessing.

So what's coming up here at Arthur Acres?  Weed pulling that's what.  Oh, that's not what you care about is it?  Sorry.  In July we will be finishing up another Online Mystery Class - the Snow Happy Trio.  Since the summer months are hitting us we are going to play catch up a little and not add another new class until September.  In fact we'll be adding two in September. So many are out with school vacations, summer activities, etc.  so this might relieve a little of the pressure we place upon ourselves.

Next up:  Every Bunny Needs Some Bunny by JP Needlepoint.

We have been having so much fun with Catitudes and Dog Gone Good that we can't help but be excited about this upcoming group of classes. These designs offer a great deal of variety.  There is room to really stitch most of the techniques thus providing the opportunity to maybe learn a stitch new to you and hopefully to experience a new thread along the way. From left to right we have Teacher's Pet - don't those glasses make her look studious.  No tomfoolery here.  Next to her is Mr. Patriotic - while his hat has the red and white stripes, Teacher's Pet is actually the one holding the flag - hmmmm.  Miss Bashful just has that look about her.  I don't know if it is the eyelashes or what but there is something about her that tends to tell me she is a little hesitant but willing.  Little Miss Orange is waiting to have her tummy rubbed or her feet tickled. She is just ready to burst out into giggles.  Miss Flower Power just reminds me of the Hippy days - I know, it must be the headband of flowers but when something gets stuck in my mind I can't flush it out.  Bottoms Up!  Oh my the cuteness of that butt is beyond description.  There lots of other fun things in this canvas as well.  I mentioned the flag, but look at that stylish hat, the flamingo, the purple bird and the carrot. I'd say we have lots to explore on this one and that it will hold its own with the other two.  Registration is now ongoing.  If you would like to join us just email me at and we will add you to the notification list.

We have many new followers so it might be a good time to review what Online Mystery Classes involve. What does it mean 'add you to the notification list?'  That means that you must send me your email address as indicated above.  I will add that to the notification list.  There is no obligation involved at this step. The notification list will receive an email approximately one month or 6 weeks before the first class is scheduled.  The notification email will say you have indicated an interest in the class and that invoices for the $150 lesson packet are being processed.  If still interested pay the invoice - if no longer interested ignore the invoice. 

The class is 6 months in length beginning in mid-September.  That means we will post one lesson a month around the middle of the month for six months.  The lesson fee is generally $150 for the 6-lesson packet and is billed through PayPal.  Once the PayPal payment is processed you would receive an invitation to the secret Facebook page.  Sometimes if you did not get an invitation you may need to send me a friend request so that we can manually add you to the classroom.

Classroom: Here is where it all happens.  You will meet other class participants.  You will be introduced to the rules to follow to continue to participate in this group such as no advertising, no promoting shops, no trying to teach the class, and most importantly no negativism.  We are all about encouragement. We all had to learn somewhere along the way, right?  Then a few weeks before the class starts there will be posted a thread/embellishment list so you can go shopping.  When the first lesson is posted you will receive an email notice by the system that someone (me) posted in the FB group.

While we encourage you to please support your LNS we realize that is not always possible.  So, we try to work with a few shops to ensure that they will have what you need that is specific to our thread/embellishment list.  We will list that an optional thread/embellishment kit is available and let you know to contact us if interested.  At that time we ask for permission to share your contact information with the shop(s) that have agreed to work with us on these.  One thing I want to stress here.  Embellishment kits are not separate.  These are merely a little perk that we try to have for our participating students.  The shop cannot offer these as a separate purchase - they are unique to our class - it is the full kit or no.  They are extremely time consuming to gather.  This does not mean that we cannot work around the suggested embellishment - they are just a little something special. The shops do sell threads, etc., that they normally have in their inventory.  So if your stash is missing a couple threads they may be able to help you with that.

Along with the sweet bunnies we will begin the next Reindeer in the Raymond Crawford series.  This one will be Reindeer with the Candles Blanket.

These classes have hopped out of our normal scheduling.  The classes cover 4 intense lessons as opposed to our normal 6.  This is due to a couple of things happening.  First it was stated early on that lesson 1 and 2 would share the same threads and stitches across the board.  We will briefly discuss directional changes, etc., if applicable.  The real meat is in the blankets and adornments of each design.  Although slightly repetitive, each class is a full class because there are many students who are only interested in one particular design and not all of them.  Therefore, they may not be privy to the previous lessons covered and discussions on the other designs.

Scrolling down through older posts you will find mention of additional classes coming up.  I will be posting a new agenda - see current one on the right of this blog - for the year 2019.  We actively take registration for the notification lists months in advance. Some of you even forget that you indicated an interest.  That is not a problem as there is no obligation involved when joining the notification list.

Some include the Quickie Butterfly Series from Burnette and Bradley. Quickie generally means one and done.  Quickie also generally means all-inclusive.  You just send money and you get everything - canvas, threads, embellishments and stitch guide.  For the butterflies we have added an optional item however.  We are having custom made ornament stands made that can be used for these designs should you want to display them that way and as a set.  These will also give you the freedom to slide one out away from the others and place in a special arrangement, etc. if wanted.  I'm excited to see what the painters come up with on these.  More information will be provided as I learn about them.

I'm excited to be adding a new artist to my stitching family - Penny MacLeod.  I have never stitched one of her designs before so I look forward to the upcoming class on Dana - Life of the Party.  From the looks of my notification list so do many of you!

There are a couple of new Raymond Crawford Designs you requested and they made the list:  I call the first one 'The Green One"- lol

This guy gives us the opportunity to play with some fun things on all the ornaments, etc.

The other is the Lily Wreath. Colorful and whimsical - my two favorite criteria.

And another new designer to our classroom is Strictly Christmas.  Oh goodness me!  These two designs have taken over my life.  You are all so excited about them them that I can't wait to start the classes.  Spooky Tags in April 2019

And Santa Tags in June 2019

Scroll down to better see canvas outside the trays.

There is a custom tray that has been created for each of these designs for those who are interest.  Deux Bijoux is painting as fast as they can on these special orders. Make sure you get order in as early as possible - your LNS can take care of that for you or we can assist if needed.  These trays mean you have the opportunity to finish your design yourself and insert - viola - finished in time to display for the appropriate season!

Let us know what new classes you would be interested in and we will be glad to consider adding it to our agenda.  I require students to have a list of interested parties that are committed in order for me to make it worth the effort put into these classes to add them to our family.  Generally, that is not a problem - LOL.  

So hop on the wagon and come along for the ride of fun techniques and wonderful threads!

Until next week . . . Stitch with a Smile.

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