Sunday, March 11, 2018


So enjoying my classes here at Needle Nook of beautiful LaJolla!  What a group of students!  They sure do know how to put a teacher through her paces and I love it.  I love the open minds to trying something new and accepting if something just doesn't work for them.  While each person has their own individual canvas and set of stitch techniques, we all share and learn from each other.  Stitchers are the best!  It rained a little yesterday but even that did not damper any spirits.  (We call it a sprinkle but what's words between friends.)  I had the good fortune to be invited to a student's home for a little girlie get together and we could sit and watch the ocean as the gentle rain fell.  It was hard to stay awake.  Full tummy, surrounded by like-minded people, comfy and cozy - z z z z z

At Needle Nook of LaJolla shop we could not ask for better treatment and hosting.  I almost dislike calling it service because it is done with such caring and friendly smiles that it is like family and you definitely feel like their guest.  You are missing a treat if you neglect stopping by when in the area.

Helga and me

I have had the good fortune of having Helga personally help me with thread selections for the past 3 years and she can never know how much I value her assistance.  But as I said, all have the same attitude - she just happened to be assigned to me.


We are all preparing to begin our first lesson for Catitudes on the 15th.  We are doing 3 of the series from JP Needlepoint.

I was reminded that I did not share my pet names for the kitties.  So here goes starting at the back left:
Orange Tiger Stripe – Mr. You Got Something to Say to Me?  Blue Striped – Wall Streeter, Bird – Safer as 
a Fascinator ,Yellow Fish – Miss Glamorous Gourmet, Periwinkle – Dreamy Eyes, Hot Pink – Mr. 
Waiting to Seize the Moment , Green -  Miss Where’s My Christian Louboutin’s Shoes, Black/White –
Mr. Dapper Dan, and Little Mouse – Lay Low Lily

But, the excitement does not stop there.  We also are processing registrations for a companion piece that will begin in May - Dog Gone Good.

Still plently of time to sign up.  Just send email to to be added to the class list.  Invoicing for the class will start soon.

Oh did we mention Every Bunny Needs . . . coming up in September?  Don't want to overlook these fun guys~

 While visiting in LaJolla I got to play with some thread ideas for our upcoming QUICKIE! SERIES - the butterflies.   Just send email to if you want to join in - will begin the first of the year - hopefully one a month or so - there are 8 in the series.
Duo Designs, Inc. Treasurer (aka Hubby) is busily counting out crystals and sew-on gems for the student packets.  So much fun, color, etc.

And Liz over at Viking Travel is busily processing passenger information for our fantastic riverboat stitching cruise to begin on October 21 in Prague and finish up on October 31 in Budapest.  What a fun time we are going to have if the Party on the Po riverboat stitching cruise is any indication.  These spots have been really filling up quickly - there are only 154 or 158 total (I don't have that info in front of me!). We'd love to have you join us on the S.S. Beatrice as we leisurely cruise down the Danube.  Email Liz at for travel information and me at for stitching statistics.  

Here is the picture of the specially designed piece for the cruise participants created exclusively for us by the fabulous Kate Dickerson.

There is so much to share but I gotta get cranking here.  I have already missed the Saturday posting - dang it!

Have a super week!

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jhm said...

Your Wall streeter reminds me of a professor, perhaps even an absent minded one. MY real wall street doesn't do pin stripes nor do most of the people in his office.


Love the looks!