Saturday, December 16, 2017

Always a little sadness! 

           NOTE Interruption:  For those who asked for assistance on the Steampunk Witch Thread Kit, it is my understanding they were shipped 12-13-17 Priority Mail.  If you were invoiced and the invoice was processed you should receive a kit. Expected delivery date was noted as 12-16-17 (today). Please let me know if you think you ordered but did not receive -


I know, I sound like a broken record, but when you get older you tend to repeat yourself.  However, remember that needlework is now my vocation and each piece is almost like a child.  As I work on these designs monthly it is like watching a child grow and develop.  And then one day, just like with our children they are all grown up and must leave.  So it is each time one of my classes comes to a close.

This past week we shared some fun and fascinating techniques with the class participants.

Leaving us is the jam packed Cupcakes from BB Needlepoint Designs.

As in real life, we added sprinkles of all kinds to the various cupcakes we stitched.  A lot of imagination was put to use on these guys.

Steampunk Cat gave us the 5th lesson this month.

We dressed him from the neck down this month.

Lesson 4 from the Santa Ornament Wreath by Raymond Crawford was shared.

Lots of bling going on in this design.  Such fun.

Session 2. of the Gingerbread House from Rebecca Wood had us working on the roof.

Some unusual surprises on this one!

And, we added a new design to our projects.  It is the Steampunk Witch from Brenda Stofft. Lesson 1 takes care of a lot of the background.  

This class will have lessons shared every other month.  Thread kits have been invoiced and will be shipped within the next few days - fingers crossed.

And the excitement builds as we register participants for our new additions to begin January.  Oh my!  A New Year so soon!  

We will have our first lesson in our Reindeer Series from Raymond Crawford. These guys are so elegant and I can't wait to begin stitching them.

We have some special offers on this Series of 4 so be sure to email us to send you the full details.  Email

Registration is also still active on the Moon Gazer from Brenda Stofft.

And our first Christmas Star from Raymond Crawford's 12 Days of Christmas will get this Series on a roll. These are presented as a Quickie Series and we will do one a month - full kit and full instructions per star.  Email me if you would like more information.
Thread kits are being invoiced and will be shipped by next week.

In our spare time we are working on the Arctic Santa and Professor Hooty Owl from JP Needlepoint so don't despair!  We have not forgotten - but remember these were No Schedule, No Stress classes so lessons happen when they happen on them.  They are, however, on the rotation forester the first of the year.

Oh, and I did mention a new Quickie also didn't I?  The canvases are in the mail to me so I will be sharing that one soon as well.

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