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In March 23, 2018 I will be playing in Delaware at the Art Needlepoint Wnterthur Retreat at Winterthur Museum.

There is so much to share on this piece called Fruit and Flowers.  We have shading, Rhodes stitches, semi open stitches, buttonhole, satin, reverse chain stitches, stem stitch, Gobelins and much more.
A deposit can be made anytime and the balance is needed by February 1, 2018 to ensure you get the class you want. 
However, we encourage you to select and register in full by December, 2017 as certain classes will fill up before then, as some are already nearing the maximum number.
You may select from the kits at any time prior to Jan.

For details visit:

This Retreat is hosted by Art Needlepoint.  I was attracted to this venue when invited because of the inclusion of our youth.  The brochure states that participants may bring a youngster between the ages of 10 and 18 free of charge to attend class with them.  And the youngster will be given a canvas upon which they may try stitches to learn as we go.  Isn't that fantastic?  For more details check out the various links that are available.…
Here's an early registration link:
Contact Art Needlepoint right away to make your reservation.  And even more exciting plan to bring a youngster along to share the experience.

I am also fortunate to be teaching at the Needlepoint in New England Retreat April 27-29, 2018 hosted by The Enriched Stitch in CT.  I have loved working out the details on my piece the Winter Cardinal from Maggie.

Isn't he glorious?  When I saw this piece I immediately knew that we had to create a plaid.  We just had to!  And, I needed to add just a touch of bling but not so much that it takes away from the elegance of the wonderful Cardinal (which happens to be our state bird and the state bird of several others).  The place I chose to do this was the snowflake.

Classes are filling quickly!  Hop over to The Enriched Stitch website and register now!

Somewhere in between we are teaching at the ANG Encore! event held in Houston, TX on April 7th weekend.  We are doing the painted canvas exclusive by Leigh Designs - Beijing Butterflies.

Crystals and beads abound in this fantastic design.  

Thread painting, or nue`, open work, buttonhole stitches, diagonal mosaic, French knots, and so much more while playing with beautiful silks and various threads.  For details be sure to check out registration on the ANG sight - 

Today I have been working to compile the thread list for the Brenda Stofft canvas of Steampunk Witch which is an Online Mystery Class scheduled to begin mid-December. This design will have lessons posted semi-monthly.

If you haven't signed up yet there is still time.  Invoices are currently being processed. Just email me at

Registration is also active for the QUICKIE series of the Christmas Stars -12 Days by Raymond Crawford.  

There are two options offered for this Quickie series.  The first option will be for the complete kit; handpainted canvas, threads/embellishments, lessons and shipping/handling.  The second option will be for the handpainted canvas, embellishments, lessons and shipping/handling.  The first option offers the convenience of having everything provided to the participant; the second option offers the opportunity to work from your stash.

The first option will involve an invoice being issued for the thread packet upon confirmation of joining that group.  This gets the threads to those participants up front and affords the opportunity to take advantage of the sharing of threads across the designs.Then around the first of December an invoice for  the first project - The Partridge in the Pear Tree - will be processed.  After payment is processed the canvas and the embellishments will be mailed.  The first class will be mid-January.  Each month thereafter the next design will be billed, etc.

For more information and questions just email us at

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