Saturday, February 25, 2017


That's what I feel my days are doing - no - the  weeks, months and years!  Absolutely unbelievable how we move from Monday to Saturday and on and on.  The big  consolation is that I can see that accomplishments have been made during that period of time so that helps!  LOL.

I just returned from teaching at Blue Bonnet Retreat at Horseshoe Bay Resort outside Austin, TX.  It is always so nice to be able to share our passion with others of like minds!  This was our first time at this resort and the facilities were beautiful.  The food was absolutely excellent!  The only shortcoming I witnessed was the slowness of staff - but it is the off season and they likely have not dealt with a group like ours - LOL.  Next year will be even more fabulous.

A group of us had our exiting dinner at the Yacht Club nearby and it was fantastic.  I had the pleasure of dining with Jennifer (behind me), Toni (across from her) and Dawn (across from me.)

I am home for a few days before I head back to Texas - this time Houston.  I will be attending a Stitch Away at LaToretta Resort as a member of the Lone Star Chapter.  Always a great time.  I even manage to get a little stitching in too!

Classes are moving right along.  We will be introducing our first lesson in the beautiful Menorah in the Online Mystery agenda mid-March - just around the corner!

Menorah from Tapestry Fair

Invoices are being processed in preparation for the first posting mid-March!  Everyone who contacted me for thread/embellishment kits should have been acknowledged.  Shipping is expected on or about March 7.  

Steampunk Fox will have his Second Session posted in a few weeks as well.  Next will be the Third Session for the Large Easter Rabbit  and the Fifth Session for the Santa's Reward design.  And, as we must do with all classes, we will be saying goodbye to the Pillow Collage year-long class. What a fantastic journey we have had.  Such sharing across the world!

New adventures are cropping up as well.  The reception to our new Quickies has been fabulous.  Our first design to be spotlighted is Raymond Crawford's USA Star.

This class series is meant to turn around quickly - Quickies - get it?  They will be all inclusive - lessons, painted canvas, threads and embellishments if appropriate to assist in having all the necessary supplies quickly.  The lessons will be covered in two postings one each month for a two-month period.  The Quickies will be small and portable.  The first Quickie class is the USA Star and the all inclusive kit is very reasonable.  Send email to me at to get all the details if interested and to be included in the fun.

We have also added another unique class that we refer to as 'No Schedule - No Stress - No Deadlines.'  The first class in this category is by JP Needlepoint Designs and looks to be lots of fun.  Nutty Professor Hooter is a tall and slim - approximately 8" x 33".  The concept of this class is that a lesson will be posted as I get to it - maybe in a week - a month - two months - no schedule just whenever.
For more details regarding supplies and costs just email me at    
(I wish I knew how to make these photos line up beside each other - sorry!)

Look at those red toes!  OMG!

This is going to be too wild and cool!  Email me at if you would like to be on the notification list!  

So I must now get back to getting the upcoming lessons stitched so I can go back to Texas to play!  Hopefully I'll remember to take the time to visit online next week!

In the meanwhile remember to Stitch with a Smile!


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