Saturday, February 4, 2017


We all have too much to do right?  We never have enough time right?  (Someone once told me many years ago that God gave us 24 hours in a day - that's it - it is how we choose to use it that matters.) And I assume that most of you reading this share my passion for needlework.

Well, unfortunately, there are just too, too, too many wonderful designs out there to play with.  And also, unfortunately, I want to play with them all!  I find things that appeal to me and I think I'm all set and then you guys come up with some more and do the 'please, please, please' bit and I can't turn you down.  So I am trying some new approaches this year to see if we can get more in and still have a ball doing it.

First off, the first few classes for 2018 are going to have the lessons distributed every other month instead of every month.  That way you can play with more designs (yea, right!)

Then I have added another 'do as we can' class the Nutty Professor Hooter by Juli of JP Needlepoint.  I could not pass up this guy because of all the techniques we can use here - beads, ribbons, combination stitches, padding, who knows.  Anyway he looks like way too much fun.

He is 8" wide (not bad - very manageable) and 34" long.  For details about the canvas, class starting time, etc., just email me at  Anxious to get my hands on this guy.

Next in my new stuff is what I call 'Quickies".  These are smaller pieces, less expensive, fully kitted, and will be two lessons.  Since there has been so much hoopla this year because of the election, and since I am from a flag-waving family (Dad fought during World War II, Brother served, Husband was a Marine during Korean Conflict, etc.) I just could not pass up Raymond Crawford's patriotic stars to start this new experiment.  The first will be the USA Star to get you warmed up.  Hope to be able to get this one going September 2017.

Then, we will move on to the American Eagle Star - WOW.

Quick Glimpse:  These QUICKIES will involve full kitted projects.  They will cover a period of 2 months - one lesson a month and you will get 2 lessons that will be for the whole project.  So, whoever is interested just send me an email to for more information.

Please email me with your thoughts, requests, suggestions, etc.  as to how this would be more beneficial to you. I would love your feedback.

I have had such a wonderful couple weeks being at home and stitching, stitching, stitching!  What a joy.  And what fantastic results.  I am loving it.

The Lessons in the Online Mystery Classes that are scheduled to be posted in a couple weeks are the last lesson in the fabulous Robin's Wreath.  It is always sad to say goodbye.  We'll share a picture of that fabulous piece when the lesson goes out.

Then we are doing the second session for the Large Easter Rabbit.  Hmmm.  Getting more background out of the way on this one and then we will be ready to really play with lots of fun stuff.

The 4th session of the Santa's Reward will also be shared.  This piece amazes me more and more.  I am thrilled beyond words at the results that are coming forth.  You imagine things one way and it is always so wonderful when those things are achieved and go beyond expectations.  That is what is happening on this piece for me.

And lastly will be the first session of the first in the Steampunk series by Brenda Stofft - the Steampunk Fox.  Notices have been to sent to all who ordered thread/embellishment kits and we are getting geared up for fun on this guy.

Steampunk Fox by Brenda Stofft

The Menorah is quickly moving up the chart and will have its first lesson in March.  Wow.  Such beautiful threads.  We are able to incorporate some of the newer ones introduced at market this past month too. Those who have indicated an interest in this class watch for email with details concerning invoicing and various kit options.

Tapestry Fair

I spent a great deal of time yesterday selecting stitches for the Santa Ornament Wreath by Raymond Crawford.  Threads are being pulled and finalized for the stitch guide and kit preparation.

Santa Ornament Wreath - Raymond Crawford

Well back to work - have a great weekend!


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