Saturday, November 5, 2016


It is difficult to accept the fact that the last Online Mystery Class for 2016 will begin in just about 13 days from now!

Santa's Rewards is a beautiful canvas design from Devon Nicholson.  The invoices have been mailed and payments are being processed.  If you did not receive your invoice please email me right away so we can get the ball rolling.  If you have processed payment be sure to check to see if you received invite to the secret FB page.  We're about ready to rumble!

There is so much embellishment on this guy!  Wow!  What challenges.  I hope you enjoy him as much as I have.  I knew he would have a lot to offer but I didn't even scratch the surface when I first approached him. I'm thrilled with the challenges he is offering up.

The next lesson for Online Mystery Class Robin's Wreath by Melissa Prince also has tons of fun going on.

Last month's Session included several leaf variations and there are still more to come!

For the upcoming Session I especially have been having fun with the pomegranates.  They were one of my favorites as a child because they were so strange and I use to get one for Christmas as a special treat if pineapples weren't the fruit of choice that year.  The limes and lemon are well on their way as well.

Then we have Happy Haunted Grounds from Eye Candy!

Did more of the larger trees last time for this guy!

More techniques are in store in this colorful piece as well. Sometimes it is so hard to decide which technique to include - there are just so many possibilities.

And the next Session in our year-long project Pillow Collage!  Beautiful design from the collection!

We're just getting a good start on this one and boy is it looking great!  Can't wait to share the next adventure with the participants.

Our last session covered completing the box and a new pillow!  

Needles 'n Fins has a lot going on as well!  This is our touring as we play, stitch and sightsee blog!  We try to have one water adventure and one land adventure in place.

Party on the Po is very active and we have over 35+ participants so far.  This stitching tour goes from Milan to Venice, Italy! There is room for more so come join us.  I am having so much fun playing with the various surprises that I have in store for everyone.

We have new people joining sporadically which is always exciting!  We still have room for a few more so hurry along if you can come play!

The specially designed project is at the painters and I can't wait to get my hands on it.  It is a happy, colorful piece that is exclusive to the riverboat stitching cruise participants.  There are also accompanying  ornaments - all optional - as participants can bring their own stitching if they so choose.  There will be other trip related canvases available with stitch guides as well.

And not to be left behind, Have a Ball in Boston has me working away on the stitch guides for some special designs and many more to choose from.  We will be visiting three (3!) needlepoint shops in the area as well as take in all the major historic sites and enjoy the ambience of Cape Cod and a full day class there as well.  Freedom Trail?  Boston Tea Party?  Boston Harbor?  Cheers? WOW!

Hope to be able to post some needlepoint offerings in the new few days to get your creative juices flowing and have you drooling to come with us!

So if you are so inclined, we would love to have you join us!  Just email me at and I'll gladly answer any questions you may have.  Brochures are available for viewing on our sister blog

Have a great week!

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