Saturday, November 12, 2016


I am sitting here reflecting on our just passed Veteran's Day here in the US.  Thinking particularly of my Dad (Daddy to me).  He was so proud of his military service and felt very strongly about our patriotism and supporting our country - in whatever way - be it putting on a uniform or supporting our various systems.

I am not one to discuss politics, religion, all those volatile issues - but, I always think of things in terms of like being on the Board of Directors (since my background is business).  We all go into the Boardroom (voting booth, church pew, etc.) and we duke it out!  We are friends when we go in and thankfully (usually) we are friends when we come out.  One thing for certain, when I emerge from that Boardroom or voting booth, etc., I resign myself to the fact that whatever the outcome I have done what I can to support my position - but, when all is said and done, when we emerge we should do so as 'one'.  I will support whatever that group  decision is - I do not always have to agree with it but it is what it is and I will support it.  Once we reach that point, it is time to put aside personal preferences and deal with what is at hand.  I am not one to look back - I am not going that way - I am going forward. My country is too precious to me to do otherwise.  Okay, that's all you are going to hear from me.  It is not a discussion, position statement nor debate - just a feeling I have at this time in my life.

Okay, now for fun!  Wow.  Do you realize that in just 3 days I will be posting a kazillion lessons?
I just shared a new session in the Online Mystery Class - Arctic Parade from Brenda Stofft.

This is a fantastic 2 year class and has so much to offer.  Remember this design has two huge (did I mention HUGE) sides. This session is devoted to the main part of the wonderful blanket over the back of the moose and under the saddle.  I have a feeling we will be sharing several other sessions before this area is completed.  That is one reason I wanted to do it early so it can be a 'do a couple rows before doing something else' type approach.  Love it, love it, love it.  It is so beautiful and elegant.

While we have had 3 sessions now posted, people are still joining us.  Just last night I had a new participant - so if you want to join us, just email me at for particulars. We certainly have plenty of time.

Next up will be various lessons for our current and last classes for 2016.  

First up will be the next session in the Online Mystery Class - Pillow Collage from the collection.

As you may recall, this guy is another long-term project that covers one year with a lesson posted every other month.  This month we will be dealing with two more pillows to add to the 'bunch'.  I really surprise myself sometimes and that is the case on this lesson.  Can't wait to share.

Then joining in is the next lesson for Online Mystery Class - Happy Haunting Grounds from Eye Candy.

The kitty cat comes to the forefront for this lesson.  And we'll be adding things like candy corn and pumpkins.

Next is the wonderful Online Mystery Class - Robin's Wreath Melissa Prince.

This is such a beautiful autumn/fall piece.  It has provided so many techniques for me to share and I am loving every minute of it.

And last, but not least, our final new design for 2016 - Santa's Rewards from Devon Nicholson.

Such a happy piece to work on.  And boy those cookies!  Those are magnificent!  I know my students are going to love them.

Still time to join the group on this one.  All invoices have been sent out.  If you did not get your invoice let me know right away.  If you have not processed your invoice for payment you have not been included in the secret Facebook page.  So take care of that right away as we will be starting in just 3 short days with Lesson 1.  Email me at with questions or assistance.

And then there is that other 'thing' that is consuming my life.  The Stitching Tours.  Oh gosh I am having so much fun already and we haven't even started packing yet.

First up is the great visit with our New England area - Have a Ball in Boston.  This trip will hit some historic sites (how can you not? - Boston is a historic site.- LOL) and we will be adding some stitching adventures in between.  The trip is scheduled for June 2017 - email me for full details, copy of brochure, etc.  We'll visit three (3) needlework shops while there and spend a couple days on Cape Cod - where, I might add - we will have one full day of classes hosted by Osterville Needlepoint Shop - I love the happy, calming, free spirited feeling of the piece they have designed specifically for us to debut!  Can't wait to share it with you.

And our Party on the Po has gotten out of hand!  We have 50+ people (40+ already paid) ready to go and Parrrtttteeeee!  I am stitching the class piece model to share with the participants and to take preorders for our stitching riverboat cruise.  Ornaments will be coming forward soon - AND - I have some beautiful pieces from fellow designers to share a stitch guide with those who want to preorder them.  So we will have plenty to do in Italy during our 'down' (cough! cough!) time.

If you want to keep track of what is going on with these adventures request to join our secret Facebook Page - Needles 'N Fins.  Also, there are occasional posts on our sister blog - -  We'd love to have you join us.  There will be lots of prizes and surprises for both events!

Have a great weekend and remember to always Stitch with a Smile!


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