Saturday, July 2, 2016

SO MANY PROJECTS - so little time!

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Isn't that the way it always seems?  Fortunately, I have the personality that allows me to enjoy that journey and not worry about what is in the 'stash'.  I just love what I'm doing at the moment and relish in the knowledge that when that is done I have a treasure trove of more just like it awaiting my attention!

I just returned home from teaching in Huntsville, AL at the EGA TVA Share-a-Stitch.  What a delightful event!  We were commenting on our way home that there was something different about this time.  It was almost like a 'girlfriend' reunion.  It seemed that everyone was having a fantastic time.  We had great accommodations and the hosts were right on top of any potential issue.  The committees were fantastic and everything seemed to run like a well-oiled machine - at least that's the way it was with my class!

Speaking of my class!  What a wonderful group of ladies.  We did the Pumpkin Spiced Tea.  We managed to get everything covered.  We did stump work, needlepoint stitches and needle felting.  We even got through needle felting without any personal injuries (or at least if there were some they withheld them from me), and we only had a couple of broken needles!  Job well done ladies!  And I must say this group of ladies seemed to make it their mission to make me feel good!  They were so extra nice and, even though tired at the end of the day, I could have visited and stitched with them for hours longer - provided, of course, that I was allowed to stitch!

Next on the agenda is five fun-filled days at Designers Desk in Historic Geneva, IL!

Although the shop is for sale and on the market, we are not going to let that slow us down!  We are going to start the week with what Pat has named 'Sharing Sandy's Secrets'.  In the workshop we are going to play with beads, ribbon, unusual threads, and just about anything else we might find!

The remaining 4 days will be embellishing classes.  There will be some canvases returning to get even more goodies added from the time before.

While waiting for the time to leave for IL, I am busily preparing kits for the class in Winston-Salem, NC for the ANG Chapter on Pumpkin Spiced Tea. I believe they accept ghosts so you might want to check that out. Large group.  Gonna be lots of fun!

Additionally, kit materials are being sorted and prepared for the three classes being taught at the ANG national Seminar in New Orleans in late August.  We are teaching mainly technique classes at this venue.  First up is a class called Can Do Hairdos.  After that we will play with needle felting and last, but not least, is a project class entitled Papillion which will focus on different beading applications to execute on needlework. Papillion is offered in 3 color ways in this venue.

Any and all of these classes are great programs for your Chapter or shop.

Now, to keep from getting bored, we continue to work on our lessons for our Online Mystery Classes.  Students have been so generous to share pictures of their completed projects as we go along.  That  makes me so proud!  Have you seen all the Bunny Rabbits and Cats showing up on the screen in different Facebook Groups?  Aren't they wonderful?  One comment we made along the way was that for some reason it seems we are able to complete these projects where some others may end up in the 'stash' pile a little longer. I am so fortunate to have such great participants.

In a couple weeks we'll be sharing another lesson in the Thanksgiving Critters Class - the 5th one no less! ;  the 2nd lesson for the Pillow Collage, and the anticipated 1st lesson for Happy Haunting Grounds!  We might even sneak in another lesson for the Arctic Parade!  Canvases have been shipped so students can get those needles flying on this ginormous project!.Maybe we'll share a peek after the lessons have been posted!

Happy Haunting Grounds
You can still register for this class and there are shops that have the canvas in stock!  So a lot can be accomplished in the 2-weeks before the first lesson will be posted.  Just email me at

Registration is really buzzing here for all the exciting new pieces being added to the agenda too. Wow!  2017-2018 even!

Soon to be posted will be Robin's Wreath  by Melissa Prince which is scheduled to have the first lesson posted mid-September! A nice group is already registered and more are joining as we speak!

Then, following him will be Santa's Reward from Devon Nicholson!

That will round out the year 2016!  Can you believe it?  

           To sign up for Online Mystery Classes send email to

But . . . .

Have you had a glimpse of what is awaiting us for 2017?  Oh my gosh!  Well, maybe we'll talk more about that next week.

And there are hints of a possible cruise out there! Let me know if there is interest.

In the meanwhile, there is still plenty of time to sign up for the above classes so if you want on board be sure to send me an email to and we'll put you on the notification lists.  Notifications go out a little more than a month prior to the first lesson posting advising that invoices have been processed.  No payment is due until just before the actual first lesson.  Always get those canvases ordered from your local needlepoint shop as quickly as you can however!

Gotta get back to the needle - for some reason I have not learned how to type and stitch at the same time!

Have a great week, a safe 4th of July, and remember to stitch with a smile!


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