Saturday, July 16, 2016


Well, I flew over it?  Little hectic as the France incident occurred while we were in the air and the airport was abuzz with lots of security and outside traffic and police cruisers were ridiculous.

Anyway I am in Historic Geneva, IL playing with a great group of stitchers, many of whom were brave enough to return and put up with me a few more days. Designers Desk with Pat Delp, her fantastic staff and her wonderful customers are always a joy to be around.

We are spending the first four days embellishing all sorts of canvases from a plethora of designers.  Certainly not boring.  We're doing a little bit of everything, beads, ribbon, ruching, faux this-and-that, to accomplish just the look the canvas owner is hoping for.  This group always picks the most colorful and happy canvases which makes me very happy.  We get to choose lovely, bright threads to play with!  YAY me!

The fifth day we will be doing a command performance class called 'Sharing Sandy's Secrets'.  I sure hope they meant stitching secrets because they certainly don't want to know any others! Heaven only knows that is going to come out of that class.  It will be a potpourri of stuff - beads, ribbon, sequins, fluff, memory thread, bling, bead, ribbon, - did I mention beads and ribbon - who knows?  

Oh and she has some lovely canvases by Dora at closeout prices that once they are gone they are gone.  Check them out on her website.

When we sign off here, we get to go home for a week and then prepare for a much anticipated week of playing with a group of gals in the ANG Winston-Salem Chapter.  They have a large participation reserved and they will keep me hopping!  I know we are going to have a great time.  A few of them came up to me and introduced themselves at the EGA TVA Regional Seminar where I was teaching a few weeks ago. We are going to work on the popular Pumpkin Spiced Tea.  This is a great class for chapters and shops to host.  Fits perfectly into a 2-day venue.

Yesterday we launched the lessons for three of our Online Mystery Classes.

Lesson 5 for Thanksgiving Critters  - Melissa Shirley Designs - hit the Internet.

Mr. Squirrel joined his buddies. He was so much fun.  Still need to add the beaded fringe to his apron. Unfortunately, that only leaves one and our adventure on this canvas will be history. 

Next up was Lesson 2 for Pillow Collage - Needlepoint of Back Bay

We did a pillow and added the chest with lots of interesting stuff to do.

And as a third activity we began with Lesson 1 for Happy Haunting Grounds - Eye Candy.

For this lesson we did lots of background to get us in position for the fun ahead.


As previously stated, we are actively registering participants in the next class of Melissa Prince's Robin's Wreath.

Wow!  Lots and lots to share on this beautiful piece.  The design area is like 14" x 14".  Lots of wonderful autumn and fall type colors and icons.  Look at all those leaves and berries.  The sliced fruit is very tempting.  There is always fun involved when creating a nest.  And, of course, the beautiful robin. Many techniques shared in this class can be incorporated into several of Melissa's other wreath/bird designs.  Look them over and maybe you'd like to join us.  While I'm stitching on this guy I'm having difficulty sticking with what I am doing because my eyes jump and I want to hurriedly get over to see what something else is going to look like!  So, so much.  

TO REGISTER:  Simply send email to me at and tell me you wish to join us.  We have a nice sized class raring (or is it rearing) to go!  Anyway they are anxious!

And then last for 2016 is the melancholy design of Devon Needlepoint - Santa's Rewards.
For those of us who are older, he conjures up wonderful memories of a time less stressed and much more family oriented.  Do you remember putting out cookies and milk for Santa and then trying to stay away to catch him eating them?  Somehow we never managed did we?  Once again, 

TO REGISTER:  Simply send email to me at and tell me you wish to join us.

2017 has a fantastic lineup of great classes awaiting us after we finish up this group.  It is unbelievable how quickly we are going through these fun and beautiful designs.  I have been blessed with such great participants - they are gracious, sharing and willing to push the envelope.  I love every minute of it.

So, make sure you get your name on the list, get your canvas(es) ordered and come join in the fun.  You have no idea what you are missing!

Till next week remember to Stitch with a Smile!


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