Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Yep!  They slipped another one in on me!

My students have got my number - as we say!  They have learned that if they ask very nicely (plus beg and plead a little) that I will do just about anything that I am capable of doing (as Daddy always said 'as long as it is not immoral or illegal').  So here we go again.

One of my students goes out there on "The Nation" and makes a plea for others to join her in having me do an online class for Rebecca Wood's Gingerbread House.  Now, in all fairness to her, she did ask me first and if my guidelines of having 5 or more would convince me to do a class.  So she is off the hook - sorta!  We'll see.
Stock #815

Now, bare in mind that we will not be doing this class until mid-May 2018. That means you have plenty of time to save up and get those canvases ordered!

I'll tell you a little secret, too.  I am excited!  We have not done a house in this venue as yet and I know we are going to have a great time.  Oh dear, I sit and look at this pic as I am typing and I'm thinking 'oh this will be great here!  oh, what about this for that'.  See, you guys drive me crazy!

Anyway, just throwing the new little teaser out there for those of you who like to plan ahead.  The notification list has already grown quite a bit for a one-day activity!  If you would like to join us just send me your email address to duodesignsinc@yahoo.com and tell me to add you to the notification list.

So, for now, get back to stitching and remember to do so with a smile!  You all make me smile with your wonderful support and participation.


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