Saturday, June 4, 2016


We have survived the first 'official' posting for the Online Mystery Class Arctic Santa!
Brenda Stofft Designs

This incredibly large piece is so fun already and we've only begun to work on the background! My first post was 9 pages!  The commercial stitch guide will only have 2 pages!  Big difference huh?  Well, sometimes I get chatty and there is so much I like to share.  And there are posts, upon posts, upon posts discussing howe best to tackle this big guy.  It has already been a great journey and just a glimpse of what is to come! However, in the shadows of my mind I am soooo actively working on all the other 'stuff' to share!  What a treasure trove!  It is never too late to jump in if you wish to join us.  This fellow is going to be around for a couple of years probably!  Just email me at - and Brenda has also agreed to sell the front half only of the canvas for those who choose to go that route.

Invoices have been mailed to those of you who are participating in the Online Mystery Class Happy Haunting Grounds.  Check your email and if you have not received a PayPal invoice notify me right away at so you can get yours!  You don't want to miss a heartbeat!

Eye Candy Designs

The first lesson is scheduled to be posted July 15 so you still have time to participate. And we're starting with bling!

We are busily preparing kits for the upcoming ANG Seminar to be held in New Orleans where we are teaching 3 classes.  Registration closes June 30 I believe so hurry and get those registration forms in! We'd love to see you there!

Papillion - an exercise in beading on Needlework

A doodle cloth filled with hair do examples!

Needle felting on Needlework - learning beginning felting techniques

And kits are ready and bags are almost packed for the next class which is in Huntsville, AL with the EGA TVR Share-a-Stitch seminar.  We will be sharing our Pumpkin Spiced Tea with those enrolled and playing with needle felting and some stump work too.  I know it will be a lot of fun.  

For other upcoming Online Mystery Classes scroll through older posts to get lots of tempting designs!  They are wonderful!

Be sure to email me with any questions for Online Mystery Classes, face-to-face classes and upcoming embellishing classes!

Have a great week and remember to stitch with a smile!



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