Saturday, June 25, 2016


This weekend I am fortunate enough to be teaching for the EGA Tennessee Valley Region Share-A-Stitch seminar in Huntsville, Alabama!  My first time teaching in Huntsville - been all around it but never settled in here. We are right next door to the AL number one tourist attraction - the NASA - US Space & Rocket Center.  How cool!

My room here at the Marriott is very lovely.  But I had to chuckle internally as my busboy was so proud as he told me I had his favorite room because of the view and he 'threw open' (really very dramatically) the drapery and said you see the mountains - that's where I'm from.  I made flattering comments but did not have the heart to tell him I was raised in the mountains of West Virginia so I am quite accustomed to mountain scenes.

I am teaching my Pumpkin Spiced Tea piece.

We are playing with needle felting, stump work and many traditional needlepoint stitches as well.  I have some repeat students and some that I can now place faces with names.  It is a lovely group and always fun to share my take on things with those wanting to learn.

I was asked to post a direct link to my Shapes of Needlepoint Series I and Series II Apps.  Here goes - hope this works! I can understand because I can never find apps online like your supposed to - I think iTunes and Apple Apps dislike me - but I eventually get there.  I don't you to get frustrated trying to find mine so here you are.  Thank you Miss Webmaster!

Series I - Circles, Squares, Rectangles and Triangles

Series II - Diamonds, Hearts, Octagons and Stars

All four of the Shapes of Needlepoint Series 1, Series II, Series III and Series IV can be ordered through your local needlepoint shop.  If they do not carry them they are also available on my website

Only two weeks away from our first lesson for Happy Haunting Grounds by Eye Candy. Still time to register so just email me at

Be sure to scroll down a little more and see our latest 'by demand' Online Mystery Class - Gingerbread House from Rebecca Wood.  Although the class cannot be until mid-2018 the sign ups for the notification list are quite active.  Send me an email at if you want to be included.  As we get closer to the time we will provide more information.  Of course, it is never too earl to get your canvas ordered.  Look on down a little further and you might find another class or two that you are interested in.  We would love to have you join us.

Okay, gotta get back to playing - uh - I mean work!  Have a great weekend and coming week!


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