Wednesday, April 27, 2016


I have been notified that all my classes made it for the ANG Seminar in New Orleans!  Yay! And two almost went to lottery - so here is info for you if you are planning to attend Seminar and want to get into some more trouble!

Can Do Hairdos is a fun class to play with different hair styles using different threads.  We will have a 10" x 14" piece of 18ct canvas with line-drawn rectangles in which to play.  A lot to do in a day! And the day is August 30! 

I have created a monster by introducing needle felting on needlepoint and love it.  More and more are getting on the bandwagon.  This class with introduce you to the proper tools, how to use them properly, how to approach a canvas and how to get great results.  While a black and white kitty is shown other color options will be available.  This guy will walk you through the techniques needed on August 31.

Papillion butterfly is listed as a frame weight but there are many opportunities for other presentations of this piece.  We will have one appliquéd to a velvet pillow top (the blue one), the purple one will be mounted on a dowel with ribbon streamers to enhance that potted plant, etc., and the orange one is an actual frame weight.  Students will have their choice of one of these three colors.  The project covers various ways to use beads to enhance your needlework.  The first day will cover various backgrounds in preparation for the beading.  Day 2 will cover the actual beading. The dates are September 1 and 2. Students have 3 color choices.

There are only a couple of spots left so if you hurry you can join us in these fun classes.  More information will be provided in the student letters.

Go to under Seminars and review all the classes that are available.  You will have such fun!

Would love to see you there.  Email me if you have specific questions not answered through the class listings on the ANG website.

Have a great day and Stitch with a Smile!


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