Sunday, April 10, 2016


I have happily returned to Designers Desk in Geneva, IL (just outside Chicago) to play with some of my friends for 4 wonderful days.

The weather  - well - landed in very windy airport; woke up to snow; taught through rain and hail; finally beautiful sunshine.  We've had the gamut here!  

Designers Desk

BUT . . . it is always sunny inside~

Gosh, I have a little bit of everything here to play with: Leigh Designs, Danji's Rainbow Birds by Laurel Burch, Menorah by Tapestry Tent, a large flower from Purple Palms, lovely Southwest theme, chili peppers, To The Beach, Chicago Landmarks, Giraffe (sweet), inside huge Victorian house, butterflies, more birds, London scenes, - too much fun!

When I go downstairs (class room is upstairs) the place is in a frenzy.  It is such fun!  They are kitting and rechecking the Pillow Collage thread kits and canvases like crazy!  I love it.  Today they went through to make sure they had picked up the additional changes that I provided so every effort is being made.  If something was missed (they are all humans too), just let them know.


We have been having so much pre-class fun over on our secret Facebook Pages for Pillow Collage and Arctic Parade.

While awaiting the unveiling of the first lesson for this design, everyone has been busy introducing themselves and becoming acquainted.  We have a fantastic group joining us so far and I know it is going to be a fantastic class.

Although a couple of months away, Arctic Parade from Brenda Stofft has caused quite a stir.  We have been reviewing different options for working on this beauty.  Everyone is asking questions and sharing experiences with various floor stands, Evertite stretcher bars, scroll bars, etc., etc.  - with pictures! It is going to be great to see how everyone has decided to tackle this design.  I shared my first canvas mounting and you can peek at the coverage in an older  post below.

Some great news came about through various questions!  Brenda Stofft has agreed to offer this design as a single front side only for those who don't quite want to tackle both.  That presents a great opportunity for them to be able to take advantage of the class along with the rest of us.

In addition to the above, we have active registration going on for the Eye Candy delight Happy Haunting Grounds.

Invoices will be emailed around the first of June and the first class will be posted mid-July.

Next up is the great fall piece from Melissa Prince - Robin Wreath.

This beauty has three companion pieces and several techniques could easily be incorporated in each to tie them together even more.  Invoices for this class will be emailed around the first of August and the first lesson will be mid-September.  I found some more interesting and exciting threads to add to the possibilities!

And last for the 2016 series of classes will the nostalgic Santa's Reward  from Devon Nicholson. 

This sweet guy will have his invoices mailed around the first of October and his first class is scheduled for mid-November. Doesn't he have  wonderful face!  It brings childhood memories to so many of us.  I can just see him as a snuggly pillow (yes, I use my needlepoint).

TO REGISTER:  SIMPLY send email to and just state which class you would like to join.

Pillows Collage (teaching fee $150) and Arctic Santa (teaching fee of $260) have an extended stitching period of time.  The others are 6-month classes and have an associated teaching fee of $150 for the 6-lesson packet.  All fees are invoiced through PayPal.  All classes are conducted though a secret Facebook Page.

Just drop us an email to get on the lists for those classes that interest you.  You'll meet lots of great people along the way.

Have a great week - - - I need to go to work ??????? Seems like too much fun to call it work!


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