Monday, July 27, 2015


As I promised a couple weeks ago, here is the scoop on the new Online CyberClass that is now open for registration.  The process will begin mid-September.  This class is designed to give heavy concentration to you personally and your particular and unique (possibly) dilemma on an issue that has caused you to put aside a canvas that you were once very excited about.  You will need to be able to provide a photo of the particular area of a canvas(es) that is/are giving you trouble. 

Those who have followed me for the last several years know that I take teaching seriously (but still have fun) and work to exhibit the benefits of being a certified Senior Master Teacher of Needlepoint through the American Needlepoint Guild.  I feel my many years of experience through study and traveling about teaching enable me to provide you with some approaches you may not have considered.   I would like for everyone to love the adventure of doing needlepoint - it should be a happy experience - not stressful or frustrating. Our purpose here is to make a concentrated effort of bringing that issue that may be causing you stress or frustration on a beloved canvas to a pleasant journey back on the road to recovery and finish! Additionally, we want to provide a different approach and add something exciting that might be a little out of the box from the regular basketweave and Gobelin stitches. 

Through these 6 months I will continue to strive to provide very detailed stitch guide illustrations and work with you to make sure that you understand the process and the technique.  We will keep at it until you get it! If one way doesn't work for you or is not to your liking, we will find another approach. While it is a one-on-one concept, as promised, you will be able to eavesdrop on all that are participating - be that 5 or 15!  So read the particulars of this endeavor and come join us.  We would love to have you.


Today, while working on some custom stitch guides, the thought occurred to me that there may be those of you out there who would benefit from some outside help every now and then.  Then it also occurred to me that since many of you are experienced stitchers, you might want suggestions on just an isolated area.  So instead of thinking in terms of a full stitch guide, how about periodic help here and there on different canvases?

So birth was given to S.O.S. in Cyberspace!  Stitching Our Stash. Instead of a set project, I am going to work through individual questions as they are presented to the group.  Not only will the individual presenter garner this information, it will be available to all members of the secret group!  

The group will be set up as a secret Facebook Page as are all my other classes. In this environment we have the freedom to share ideas and questions without being judged. It will consist of a 6-month presentation period.  Each member will be entitled to 6 specific stitching areas.  You may present your questions all at once or one at a time - approximately monthly.  If all 6 issues are presented at once, they will need to be prioritized in order for me to address your particular needs more efficiently, and they need to be posted timely - not at lesson 6!  However, I will have the full 6-month period to address your issues so I will not be restricted to answering all your questions immediately.  You will be given at least one response approximately each month.  Responsive postings may be sporadic and not always on the same scheduled day from month to month.  

Questions can be something like stitching a roof, or a tree, or a dress, or hairdo, or small dog in a large design, or creek, or hill, etc.  It is a specific area that is troubling you – not the entire canvas (that’s what stitch guides are for).  For instance a 10” x10” picture of a dog head would not be a question – it would be a full stitch guide.  It could still be presented, however, there would only be a total of 6 possibilities discussed – background, fur, stitch direction, etc.

AND questions do not need to be on the same canvas. 

This game will begin on SEPTEMBER 15, 2015.  Registration is now open until September 14, 2015.  Once your registration payment has been processed you can send a picture of the area to be discussed.  Now the beauty of the game is you get to share in everyone’s presentations through the secret Facebook Page! Additionally, even if you do not want to present a question, look how much you will get to enjoy and learn! 

Total cost of this 6-month packet is $200.  The fee entitles you to your personalized 6 specific areas plus the benefit of all others posted as well.  Think about it.  We could be discussing between 5 and 15 stitch applications per month.  For instance, Susie has an issue with hair.  Everyone in the group can now put this suggestion away for future canvases or one they have in their stash working on and say – hmmm, that suggestion might work there!  Mary Jo has an issue with backgrounds – we all have issues with backgrounds, so all other players could file the suggestions away in a background folder or file – just seeing the suggestions can trigger a thought of how to apply the suggestion to what you may have already struggled with.  -  Do I see a notebook in the making ???

I think this will be so exciting!

What is required from you in this new game is patience!  I'm working through the logistics as we go along.  Also, private suggestions for game improvement will always be welcomed!




Send email to stating your desire to join.  Payment of fee will be required by September 14, 2015 to participate.

It is anticipated that the first posting will be mid-September, 2015.

I see this grouping as a total win-win!  

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