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I am so excited about today's post.  I have a wonderful friend who, together with my daughter, try to keep me reigned in and quit letting the cat out of the bag too soon.  However, after much back and forth about the pros and cons, I finally beat her down and she agreed that I might could go ahead and make this announcement today.  Well, that's all it took.  The back and forth involved the main con being the prospects of possibly overwhelming you guys and the pros being the 'would like to know' aspect of what might be down the road.  I felt that since there are so many trunk shows going on constantly that having some idea of what might be down the road for future classes would be of interest since you might be able to take advantage of the discounts that generally go along with trunk shows.  Also, there are gift opportunities in the next few months as well. Add to that - I just can't stand it any longer!  I have to share!  So, here it is in all its infancy.  Let me know how you feel as feedback is what led to the creation of these various class ideas - enjoy:

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Worried about what to do and how to occupy your time during those lazy hours around the pool leisurely sipping ice cold lemonade, or thinking ahead to those cold, wintry evenings in front of the fireplace with a cup of hot chocolate and marshmallows (or whatever)!

Well, here is a little preview of what’s to come here for our ONLINE MYSTERY CLASSES!   I haven’t placed them in exact chronological order as yet but they are close.

S.O.S. in CYBERSPACE :  This is to be released very soon. Like after Beijing Butterflies registration.  This is going to be so fun and educational.  I am very excited about this offering. It is an online embellishment class where you present your questions over a 6-month period.  The greatest part of this class is that you get to share with your other classmates:  all their questions and my responses as well.  This class will be limited to 75 people – so while you are having your question addressed you can eavesdrop on up to 74 other questions and responses as well.  Sounds to me like a notebook in the making. (Generally a minimum of 25 students has been the experience so far but I know this will push the limits – so indicate your interest early so I can put you on an ‘I’m interested’ list.) Full details will be coming within the next 2 weeks or so.

S.O.S. in Cyberspace

ANNIE LANE - CATS IN A DINGHY :  Okay, you have asked for Annie Lane and you have asked for Cats – so here they are.  Now we’ll see how well you support the effort.  Design area is approximately 11" x 11.25" on 18 ct. canvas. Golly, do you think there might be some needle felting on this one? How about bargello?  I see metallics, padding, needle weaving, goodness only knows!


MELISSA SHIRLEY:  THANKSGIVING CRITTERS.  Aren’t they cute?  This is another piece that is just as much seasonal such as autumn/fall as it is for holiday.  This can be displayed from the end of August through to the winter holidays no matter what the title label says.  Well, we know just by looking at these little guys that we are going to have loads of fun with them!  Felting, weaving, padding, brushing, beading, ooo, oooo, ooooo! Furry stuff, shiny stuff, round stuff, etc.


PILLOWS COLLAGE – THE COLLECTION:  This will be an extended class.  It will be 6 lessons spread over a one-year period (give or take a few weeks) with one lesson being released every other month.  Look at all the ‘stuff’ we can do!  I just could not resist this piece because of the opportunities it presented for teaching and learning new techniques such as cording, puffing, fringing, maybe or nue`, bargello, etc.  Add exposure to new and different materials such as velvets, ribbons,  beads, metallics, twists, silks, wools, oh gosh – on and on and on!

PILLOW COLLAGE --  the collection DESIGNS
You can see we are going to be busy.  Some classes will overlap, but you must remember that different things appeal to different people so I am trying to have something that will appeal to a wide range.  Besides, I’m having a ball!!!!!

I hope you enjoy the prospects of what is waiting in the wings!  I truly am very excited!  So get geared up for another set of great Online Mystery Classes!

In the meanwhile, remember to Stitch with a Smile!


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