Thursday, July 9, 2015


Good morning!  Yes it is slightly overcast here in Central Kentucky.  We got up at 6 am this morning so we could drive from Louisville to get here in Lexington in time for my hubby's tee time.  The sacrifices we make for our needlepoint - keep hubby happy and he doesn't notice that the stash is increasing.  Heck, around my house he couldn't notice anyway because it is everywhere!  And, I love it and he tolerates it.

It is so exciting to hear from my Online Mystery Class Easter Wreath participants.  Even though registration is 'closed' we had 3 more join us this week.  We never turn anyone away if we can help it.  The only issue for late comers is that they will have to wait for their canvas and supplies, but they can still enjoy the conversations and read the lessons and dream until then. I also know of some shops who ordered extra so would have them ready to ship out right away and do not need to wait for them to be painted. The shops were all supposed to have their canvases in hand by Tuesday.  This means that if the post office cooperated that most of you will soon be receiving your kits from the shops.  We have several people starting to share their jubilant receipt in the secret Facebook Page group.  It is always very exciting!

Our first lesson for this A.Bradley beauty is only 6 days away!  6 DAYS!  We thought it would never get here.  There is so much punch in this little guy and it is so manageable because the eggs aren't that large so we can whip up those minute beauties and move right on to the next one!

Patiently waiting in the wings (ha!ha! - wings - get it)  is our next Mystery - Beijing Butterflies! Our exclusive Leigh Designs canvas is so beautiful.  I think you will be surprised at how I have approached some of the butterflies.  Time will tell.

Participants in this class are starting to receive their canvas and beginning to gather materials from the supply list posted on the secret Facebook Page.  If you have paid to participate and have not yet received your invitation to the FB Page be sure to notify me right away -there is a glitch somewhere!

Registration is still open until July 15.  The first lesson for Beijing Butterflies is mid-August!  

Be sure to stay tuned because close to the release of the Beijing Butterflies we will be sharing a big announcement with you concerning upcoming Online Mystery Classes for you to enjoy!  It is a very exciting time for us and we are loving every minute!  Small hint, we have something wonderful to share with those of you who want a break from a 'set project.'

Okay, gotta go get to work on finishing the stitching of a design that I am proposing for the Winter TNNA market for one of my sponsors!  (See, you thought I just sat around and twiddled my thumbs and read my emails!  NOT! Although I do have my computer propped up on the arm of my sofa and I can timely take care of most issues as I'm working!  Laptops are the best!)

So, until the next time remember to Stitch with a Smile!


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