Friday, May 22, 2015


Here is a recent posting I did on a Facebook Page that I follow and it dawned on me that many of you may not have seen it - so I am going to share it with you this morning.

Stumped for a different hair do? Did you know that you can 'torture' Flair - a wonderful product by Rainbow Gallery?  It comes in a kazillion colors (sorry I don't know the exact number). And like Flair, I tend to stretch some of my descriptions.

 Just pick the end until you can get a piece of the 'thread' and start pulling. The chainette type tube of 100% nylon product with start unraveling. Continue until you make a bunch. 

Place where you want to have the hair and tack it down with a matching thin thread. It may pull off in one long strand and it may pull of in little bunches - just keep going. I think it is fun!

Red Hot Momma by ACOD is the illustration. There is a Stitch Guide available for purchase through my website -  Come over and view all my guides - updated constantly.

This and many more techniques will be shared in my class at the ANG National Seminar 2016 in New Orleans. It is entitled ' Can Do Hairdos' and is a 1-day class where we will play with many, many ways to add hair to your canvases. Watch for it and come join us.

Enjoy and remember to stitch with a smile!


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