Thursday, May 14, 2015


We are rollin', rollin', rollin'.  So much fun and so exciting.

Lesson 2 is out there for Harvest, our current online class.  A couple students suffered delay of receiving their supplies but I think most are on track now.  The first lesson required everyone to decide how they might want to finish their piece - rectangular,  domed, picture, pillow, stand up, etc.

This lesson introduces beading - messy and tent stitch with lasso.  We are also adding flowers which introduces ribbon embroidery.  New colors added to accent the pumpkins from the first lesson.

Today we also launched the enrollment for the bonus Online Mystery Class Easter Wreath. The materials list has already been posted in the secret Facebook Page so those who enroll and have had their payment processed can access this list at any time.  We also posted the Legend showing the progress plan for stitching.

I am currently communicating with a couple of shops again to see if they will be a reference resource for obtaining a thread kit if desired.

So more excitement going on through cyberspace.

On the home front, I am preparing kits for a f2f class this Saturday entitled WHAT TO DO WITH RIBBONS AND SUCH.  This is a one-day techniques class - no stitch guide - just gotta pay attention and work along as we teach the process of each technique.  It is a large class but a fun class going through a lot of different ribbon, threads, 'things' such as Sparkles, Wonder Ribbon, felted balls, sequins, few beads (although there is a full 2-day class on Beading on Needlework).

So, I must get to work and get these finished.

Have a great weekend and remember to stitch with a smile!


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