Wednesday, October 22, 2014

EGA Tuesday. . .

Okay, I'm not the world's greatest blogger.  I'm too busy having fun and I forget to take pictures.

We added the butte yesterday.  That sure was different and we created rocks.  Haven't added my mesa nor rocks yet.

Today we are adding felt to our dragon and stuffing him.

Then we added the eyebrows and the eye. Oh and his Arizona turquoise cabochon.  We understand our other turquoise chips, etc. are from China but his cabochon is from Arizona!

I forgot to mention that we started the wings yesterday and today we had to work on the wings more. And guess what?  We get to work on wings for homework!  Oops!  Didn't know we'd have homework.

Today's bonus was that we were invited to sign books in the Ruth Kern Bookstore during the lunch break. It was the least I could do for Ruth (and I'm sure the others agree).  We had too much fun doing this.

Someone was nice enough to take a picture of us all together - thank you Pam.  Front row Jane Nichols, me Sandy Arthur, Alison Cole, back row Ruth Kern (she looks great) and Anne Strite-Kurz. We were able to chit-chat a little but mostly work! Oh, did I mention miss lunch?  Hey, that's what power bars and crackers are for right?

Okay, gotta get to work on my homework and then real work I brought from home!

Later. . .


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