Monday, October 20, 2014

EGA National Seminar - Phoenix, AZ

Here I am in Phoenix. Boy is the weather different from what I left in Kentucky at 5 am. this morning.  I think I need to take down a couple of layers of clothing.

Although the flight was fairly smooth and uneventful, it was warm.  The air just wasn't working properly on the plane.  I had a good-sized gentleman sitting on the aisle seat, I was stuck in the middle (couldn't get my normal aisle), and a young lady at the window.

Well, mister aisle decided to hit on miss window the whole time.  Telling her how pretty she was, how smart she was, etc., etc.  This still going on after she 'mentioned' her husband.  Then, miss aisle was fidgety the whole trip.  "Oh I'm burning up" oh I can't stand this heat from the window, oh I'm miserable.  Then moves her computer over to encroach on my computer stating that she has to get away from the heat of the window.  Then constantly ringing for the flight attendant to tell the captain to do something about the heat.  I am amazed that I was able to get as much work done on the plane as I did.

So arrive at Phoenix.  Had I known the shuttle ride was a long as it was I might have opted for a private cab.  But it was a fun ride because 5 of the 7 were EGA Seminar attendees.  Needless to say we had no difficulty conversing.

Room is very nice.  Due to my screw up I did not get my early reservation in as I thought I had so I ended up having to take a suite.  Oh well, you only live once right?

Registration for Seminar is in a building next to the Resort, not inconvenient when moving about properly but it was a little tiring for me.  I located the banquet room, shop and book store.  I had a real treat because I got to see my ole friend Ruth Kern again.  We speak very frequently because she continues to carry my books but I have not seen her in a few years due to her not attending Seminars any more.  We understand this is her last go.  It will be ANG and EGA's loss and I personally will miss seeing her.

So after cleaning up emails I must now think about getting down to the banquet and getting my 'stuff' together for class tomorrow.  I look forward to a full week with Alison Cole from Australia.  It will be lots of fun and heaven only knows what will come out of this class!

More later,


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