Tuesday, July 15, 2014


I am so excited to be sharing with you information about our new Mystery Cyber Class.  My webmaster just today posted the announcement to those of you signed up on my various mailing lists so you should have the notice by now, hopefully.  I never really have understood how that works.  Seems that some things are so fast on the internet yet others take hours.  I have come to the conclusion that some things, like blog posts, are released by the time allowances of the cyber gods.  Anyway, we eventually get them.

When I saw EyeCandy's Mod Ornaments through Ruth Schmuff designs my mind just wouldn't let it go.  In fact, I'm still having problems letting it sit until I complete other commitments. (Patience is not one of my virtues.)  I just know it is going to be so fun.  And it's like watching a flower grow, bud and then bloom - that sucker is growing and I have the bud developing in my head and on paper but my schedule just won't let it bloom yet!  Dang it!

Below is the notice that my webmaster distributed.  It outlines some of the details about the upcoming class.

Designer:  EyeCandy Design #8242
Available through Ruth Schmuff Designs

Join Sandy Arthur as she stitches through all the wonderful possibilities of this canvas.  Who knows what’s in store?  Or Nué? Woven Webs? Peyote Beading? Shisha Embroidery? Jessicas? Or none of the above?

Play with fantastic threads such as Kreinik Braids, Pepper Pot Silks, Rainbow Gallery Specialty Threads, and more!

See what fun embellishments come to mind with the beautiful beads and other goodies.

Mod Oranaments Mystery is covered in six (6) easily managed lessons.  They will be released monthly. 

Students are encouraged to obtain their supplies from their Local Needlework Shop.  We will be available, however, if assistance is requested.

Monthly lessons are distributed through the Internet in the pdf format.  Clear, detailed instructions will walk you through each technique.  Wonderful, fully illustrated diagrams accompany lessons as needed.  Photos of actual sessions will also be available on a limited basis.

FIRST LESSON:            NOVEMBER 10, 2014
LESSON COST:            $25 per each monthly lesson

                                      e-mail:         duodesignsinc@yahoo.com
                                      blog:           www.sandyarthur@blogspot.com

                                      website:       duodesignsinc.com

All that is required at this point is for you to email me at duodesignsinc@yahoo.com and say you are in!  You will be added to the class list.  You will then be invited to join a Yahoo Group (which I hope works out better than my last effort).  From there, you need to make arrangements to get your canvas.  Then, you will receive a notice of a PayPal invoice for the first lesson's release ($25.00).  Once paid, you will receive the lesson in pdf format. Can't hardly beat that can you for sitting home and getting to take a fun class for a very nominal fee!  I'm in!  Oh, I'm the teacher, of course I'm in.

So won't you come join us in this new adventure?  I know it will be fun!  In the meantime, remember to stitch with a smile!


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