Monday, July 21, 2014


I had the best time this past week at The Needlepoint Clubhouse in St. Louis.  Everyone there was wonderful.  Those names that I especially remember are Angela (she is the force behind getting things done), Linda and Pam, owners and fabulous hosts, Judy and Carole who work there also and helped me.

The students were so fun and they brought the most amazing canvases.  Unfortunately as the teacher I did not have time nor remembered to take pictures.  I get so mad at myself for doing that.  The pictures of the canvases that the gals sent ahead did not do the canvases justice, of course.  But, they were so colorful and happy!  I had a cutie sitting on the beach in her 1940's red polka dot swimsuit and it looked like it was at Coney Island; some funky gals in their swimsuits that obviously were no longer bathing beauties; there were frogs swimming - diving - floating; how about the Anne Lane chickens - I can't wait to see those finished; one of Brenda's cats; Lani's collage of leaves; of course, there was a mermaid (almost one in every class anymore); a Charley Harper (almost one in every class anymore); couple of santas (always some in every class); flowers, and no class is complete without at least one Maggie and  Melissa Shirley.

What helps make these classes so fun is when there is a great thread selection available.  The threads allow the mind to go another mile in imagination.  Needless to say, sometimes I go over the edge!  But I love it.

Next to teaching I love most to stitch!  Now I am home and able to get comfy in my nest and back to that part of my work.

I am preparing stitch guides for some wonderful canvases and I never tire of it.

I am stitching models for great designers to accompany stitch guides as well.

I am also preparing kits for ANG National Seminar next month.

And, I am working on my own new designs for proposals.

The new Online Mystery Class, MOD ORNAMENT MYSTERY,  by EyeCandy through Ruth Schmuff Designs is on the front burner now too.  The support of this class has been amazing.  We are all going to have so much fun.

Complete details about the class are in my previous blog.  You can sign up by merely sending me an email at  We would love to have you join us.  Right now we are deep into the setting up and housekeeping end of getting things rolling.

Well, back to kitting for Seminar!

Have a great week.


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