Saturday, September 24, 2016


Did not realize it was Saturday nor that I have not prepared a posting.  Just returned from a wonderful runaway to upstate New York with friends, including my daughter!  What a treat.  Such lovely people and surrounded by lots of beautiful nature in the Finger Lakes Seneca Lake region!  WOW!

Here are some pictures of the lake - the bottom ones are of the sunrise on our last day there.

This is the only picture that I think we have of the entire group of us together at the farewell dinner so to speak.  And in spite of this breathtaking beauty around us we did manage to get some stitching done.
If interested in your own personal little retreat the house is for rent and very well kept and maintained.  Just  contact the Premier Properties in Penn Yan, NY and ask for the Two Sisters - it is at Glenora on Seneca Lake.

We also dropped in to Lori's shop and left a little there to help out the economy.  Teresa had already checked out and was busy shopping down the street and Mike was taking the picture so some of the group is missing from the payout que!

So, back in Kentucky and reality and ready to play on my upcoming adventures.

Registration is open and running for the next Online Mystery Class - Santa's Rewards.

I am very excited to start this guy!  He is so wonderful - happy, cheerful and yummy!  Invoices will be going out the first of October and the first lesson is scheduled to begin November 15.  Join us by emailing me at  6 lesson packet is $150 and you get your canvas and materials from your local needlework shop!

Next up is this delightful Large Easter Rabbit from Brenda Stofft!

This great fellow is currently under registration and will have invoices sent out the first of December. The first scheduled class will be January 15, 2017.  Look at all the fun we are going to have with this stuff - can you see beads?  ribbon?  velvet maybe?  oh gosh! Again, just email me at and we'll put you on the notification list for the class.

Soon to be released is the 2017 Online Mystery Class Lineup!  You won't want to miss this.

Now to keep me from getting bored, we are also working on our fantastic Riverboat Stitching Cruise along the Po River in Italy!  Party on the Po will begin on October 19, 2017 through October 29, 2017 - oh my! In addition to all the wonderful included excursions such as viewing The Last Supper by DaVinci, walking Juliet's Courtyard, traveling the Grand Canal, Venice, Burano, etc., etc., there will be an exclusive optional canvas designed for us to debut on this journey.  There are also ornaments in the making.  For details on this adventure email me at or go visit our blogspot at  to see the full brochure and details.  Right now the cruise line is offering free airfare for eligible participants.

And for our landlubbers per their request, we have a lovely Have a Blast in Boston tour scheduled for June 8-13, 2017.  In addition to see the historical sites we will be visiting some local needlework shops and having classes with a design created exclusively for our debut, as well as other area related projects for mini-classes.  The itinerary is being polished for this one but major details are available at the with questions to

So come visit and let me know if there are any questions that we may address.  Just an aside the riverboat cruise that started with 130 staterooms is now below 30 available (no they are not all stitchers - we currently have 36 in our party)!  Fun!

Have a great week!


Saturday, September 17, 2016


We have been having so much fun between Seminar, Online Mystery Classes, planning Party on the Po Riverboat Cruise and Have a Ball in Boston land tour that we had no idea how quickly events would happen.

We just found out from our travel agent that on our Riverboat traveling the Po River in Italy, of the original 134 staterooms there currently are already over 100 spoken for!  Oh No! Not much room left for us!  We gotta move and move now!

While we are busy watching the free airfare offer that expires on November 4, people have been sneaking in and reserving the staterooms.  So, if you are really wanting to take this trip with us it is suggested that you make your reservations now to hold your room.  This means $200 registration fee to be eligible for the group; $500 deposit for the trip and travel insurance (optional but strongly suggested).  The balance of the trip will be discussed by the travel agent when you commit.  The trip is October 19-29, 2017- yes, a year away and almost full already!  Must be very popular!

Please consider joining us!  We are designing a project specific to our tour and the class is optional.  If you prefer you can bring your own stitching but still join in all the stitching festivities.  

Email me at if you want more information or want to join us!

We just announced our plans for our Have a Ball in Boston land trip as requested by those who prefer to not travel outside the US.  We are still polishing our excursions but the major stuff is in place and can be reviewed on the brochure.  Just email me if you want more information on that trip as well - June 8-13, 2017.

While things have quieted down from Seminar, the frenzy is real here at Arthur Acres trying to fill the orders for our newly released first booklet in our Pocketbook Series - Can Do Hairdos.

The Pocketbook is jam packed with 32 pages of color pictures, illustrations, diagrams and suggestions for sundry hairstyles.  Ask your Local Needlepoint Shop if they have yours.  Many have been ordering -and while only a week on the market, some have already placed reorders!  If you have difficulty ordering the book it is also available on our webpage at

We are finally less than a week away from posting our first lesson in our new Online Mystery Class - Robin's Wreath!  Seems we have been waiting forever!

This piece uses such beautiful and somewhat unusual colors to give us some fantastic results.  You may still join us if you would like - just email me at

And, yes, registration is currently going on for our last Online Mystery Class for 2016 - Santa's Reward.  

Don't miss playing with us on this sweet guy.  Look at that face!  Isn't he wonderful?  Devon Nicholson outdid herself on this one.  To register just send email to

Keep watching for our itinerary for the 2017 Classes!  Coming soon!  In the meanwhile, I am busy getting classes ready to post on the 15th and also packing for a much needed runaway with my daughter and some special friends.  I know it is going to be so fun because some of them are going on the Party on the Po Riverboat Cruise so you know what we will be talking about!  Can't wait!

BULLETIN:  I actually am running away for 5 wonderful stitch-filled days with fantastic friends - including my daughter!

There will be needles flying all over the place because most are avid stitchers like me who basically could live, eat and drink stitching.  Fortunately we don't have to because there are a couple who also like to cook!  YAY us!  I gotta figure out how to bribe them into taking over my meal responsibilities.

The big challenge is what to take?  Not clothes - stitching!  I still will be doing work stitching but in a different environment.  And  I need to find pieces none of them are enrolled in the class in.  Such challenges - lol.

We are staying at Three Sisters of Glenora, NY - check it out.

So sad to have to suffer through such views!  However, you, too, can enjoy this beautiful retreat - if you can find an opening.  Beautiful place.

In the meanwhile have a great weekend and remember to Stitch with a Smile!


Saturday, September 3, 2016


What a wonderful week at the ANG Seminar 2017 in New Orleans LA!  I had four days of wonderful classes that contained some of the most fabulous and amazing people you would ever want to meet.  They are all such a joy in their own way and we all enjoyed each other in sharing our common passion of needlework.

The big excitement for me was that I released my new Pocketbook Series in the first class entitled Can Do Hairdos.  Check with your LNS for ordering this fun publication.  It will also be on my website for those who cannot get it otherwise. Over 30 pages of suggested styles of hair!

Well, I thought that was the big excitement anyway.  Tonight at the Closing/Awards Banquet I was blown away with the prestigious Literary Award for the second time in my career!  How honored I am and surprised beyond words.  Thank you all for your support in the success of these books.

I'm on the road today traveling home and I am ready to be there!  Have lots to move forward on now that Seminar is behind me.

First, we have announced our tour for the Landlubbers out there that asked.  We are going to enjoy a glorious time in Boston/Cape Cod in June 8-13, 2017.  We will visit two - that's right TWO - needlepoint shops while prancing amongst all the historical sights and beautiful beaches and lighthouses.  We will have a class in Boston broken up into two half sessions to allow time to take in the Boston flavor and we will spend a full day at the Osterville Needlepoint Shop participating in a class she has specifically designed for us - you don't want to miss the details on this one!

Visit our sister blog - www.needlesnfins.blogspot. com for more details and email me at with questions and inclusion in the secret Facebook Page.

Our Party on the Po riverboat tour of Italy - October 19-29, 2017 - is growing each week.  We are so excited about this tour as well.  Such marvelous adventures our travel agent - Liz of Viking Travel - - has in store for us.  Again, visit the sites above for more details. Don't miss the free airfare for qualifying participants that Omniworld is hosting through November 4!

Remember these tours have limited spaces available so don't miss out.

Just a few more days  (well, less than 2 weeks) we will be posting our first lesson in the Online Mystery Class Robin's Wreath.


Everyone has been invoiced and payments are being processed so they can be added to the secret Facebook Page to participate in the fun.  If you have not gotten yours email me right away to

Once the dust settles we will be posting our itinerary for Online Mystery Clsses 2017!  Be sure to watch for it!  Also there will be an ad in the Nov.-Dec. issue of Needlepoint Now that you can keep handy for a colorful reference throughout the year if you don't want to print the one we provide.

Gotta get my act together here.  Not sure about the storms yet as I must go to Charlotte before flying to Lexington.  But it is what it is!

Have a great holiday weekend and remember to Stitch with a Smile!


Saturday, August 27, 2016

I'M LEAVING ON A JET PLANE - albeit a small one
Packing almost done.  Leave tomorrow morning for a week's worth of teaching at the ANG Seminar in New Orleans.  We'll be playing with Hairdos, needle felting and beads - what more could a girl ask for?  Well, beignets to start with and pralines next!  It is New Orleans after all!  Looking forward to seeing ole friends and meeting new ones.  And what's more, I will be able to put some more faces to the wonderful participants of my Online Mystery Classes!

Just about have everything ready for our next lessons coming up!  We will be posting our first lesson for Robin's Wreath by Melissa Prince.

Invoices have been mailed to all that have registered.  If you did not get your invoice, email me right away to  For those payments that have been processed you should have been invited to the secret Facebook page.  If you did not receive the invitation, please email me on that as well.  And, finally, if you did not sign up but wish you had, email me on that too.  There is still time and if you need assistance finding a canvas we have some shops that have emailed me that they have them in stock ready to go!  First lesson September 15!!!

Active registration is in place for our last Online Mystery Class for 2016!  Santa's Reward by Devon Nicholson.
Email me at if you would like to join us on this one.  Invoices will begin processing on October 1st and the first lesson will be posted on November 15.

Next up is our next lesson for the Pillow Collage!  Lesson 3 already!  Really?  Gosh.  

We did some fun or nue`, worked with WireLace, and single loop braid just to name a few things we covered in Lesson 2.  Who knows what I have in store for Lesson 3?  Stay tuned to see.

Fun and funky!  That's what the next Online Mystery Class offers. Happy Haunting Grounds by Eye Candy is up for its Lesson 3!

Saw lots of green in Lesson 2 but our backgrounds are all in and we are ready to play with who knows what?  Get those needles sharpened!  Here we come on September 15!

After the dust settles I will be posting the agenda for 2017!  Oh WOW!  What an agenda!  There is a little of everything, rabbits, candles, foxes, birds, cupcakes and hopefully gingerbread!  Is that a wide enough selection?  They are all wonderfully beautiful and colorful and challenging in their own way! I am so excited about this lineup and the wonderful response already.  But.... there is more ...

Over on our sister blog - , we are very busy getting people registered for our Party on the Po!

Yes!  We are hosting a riverboat cruise in Italy.  We start in Milan and work our way to the boat and cruise on to Venice.  We'll see lots of wonderful things such as DaVinci' Last Supper in Milan, Juliet' Balcony and courtyard in Verona, vineyards, pasta, Murano Glass (as in beads!), and beautiful Venitian Lace in Burano, and, and, and.  This trip is October 19-29, 2017.  And we have designed a special optional canvas project for our class commemorating this fantastic adventure. You'll love it.  You are welcome to bring your own projects as well for our nightly (hopefully) stitch ins on board. But wait - - - 

There is a fantastic deal being sponsored by the cruise line - FREE AIRFARE for many eligible participants. You must register for a Category 1 or Category 2 to be eligible and you must be close to a participating airport - we (hubby and I) have to drive to Cincinnati Airport - but hey for free airfare!

And, for you landlubbers!  We will be posting just any minute the details for our upcoming HAVE A BLAST IN BOSTON! tour.  We have two lovely shops on our agenda for this Boston/Cape Cod adventure!  Be sure to watch for this one.  It is scheduled for 5 nights beginning June 8, 2017.

Okay, so gotta go finish packing and get myself ready for a birthday date with our son tonight.  Oh, did I mention that today is my birthday!  I am so blessed!

Remember to stitch with a smile and come say hey if you are at Seminar!  (I'll forget you in a day or two but my intentions are good!)


Saturday, August 20, 2016


We have been advised that all is well in New Orleans and plans are moving forward.  This time next week I should have everything ready to get onboard a plane Sunday!  Wow.  It is really, really scary how fast time is going. I am teaching three fun classes and I have a surprise for my students in one of them!  YAY!  I love surprises!

Be sure to visit the Exhibit if you are in the area.  So many beautiful pieces and hours and hours of lovely stitching is shared for us to enjoy!

Registration is still active for our next Online Mystery Class - Robin's Wreath by Melissa Prince.  And we might even be able to help you find a shop that has a canvas in stock. Several shops are happy to prepare thread lists for you as well.  You just need to give them the thread list.

I know he is beautiful but oh my gosh I am loving it more and more with each new set of stitches and threads that I add!  If you would like to join us just email me at

Active registration is also going on for the last Online Mystery class of 2016 which is this delightful Santa's Rewards by Devon Nicholson.

There is so much potential in this design.  I have to contain myself to not 'overdo' it!  I see this and I see that, but wait wonder how this would work, no, how about that?  Oh well, you just must come join us and see how he develops!  Email if interested to  First lesson November 15, 2016.

In a few weeks I will be sharing with you the lineup for 2017!  So exciting!  You don't want to miss out on that one.

The big buzz right now is the upcoming PARTY ON THE PO!   hosted by Needles 'N Fins!  

We already have 20% occupancy of the boat!  Isn't that fun?  The trip is October 19-29, 2017 - Milan - Venice with gobs of stuff in between.  Heck we're even going to work in some stitching - somehow! If you would like to join the secret Facebook page of Needles'N Fins for general information on all our travel plans just send me an email and I'll be happy to send you an invitation -  The secret Facebook page PARTY ON THE PO is reserved for those who are actually taking the trip!  I'm working on some optional designs and gathering designs from some of my favorite designers to share with those who might be interested.

And, hopefully later this week we will be announcing our land tour that will be Boston-Cape Cod in early June for those landlubbers who also like to stitch.  We will visit two needlepoint shops and have classes indicative to both areas!

So, stay tuned!  You don't want to miss anything!


Sunday, August 14, 2016


See if an eligible airport is in a city near you!

We are the Gems of Northern Italy!

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Our next Online Mystery Class - Robin's Wreath from Melissa Prince - is in full swing!

Invoices have been mailed and are being processed.  If you did not get yours and you think you are signed up for this class, please notify me right away so we can get you in to the secret Facebook page and you can be gathering your supplies!

First lesson will be posted on/or about September 15!  Just around the corner!

Also happening in a couple days is the posting of Lesson 2 of the fun Happy Haunted Grounds  from Eye Candy.  Lesson 1 gave us our background grasses and hills so we are ready to start adding another layer!

Whatever are we going to do next?

And once again we must say goodbye to a fun friend.  We will be posting the final lesson for a fun canvas from Melissa Shirley - Thanksgiving Critters!  We finished the squirrel last time.

Not much mystery as to who we will be working on next but there is a mystery in what we will be doing to him!

Several things are going on here at Arthur Acres.  I am preparing to get my suitcase packed for heading out to teaching three classes at the ANG Seminar to be held at New Orleans  It is going to be a special treat for me because I also plan to get to go to the John Stennis Space Museum and hopefully view my NASA Patch that I completed and my daughter's patch that she completed.  That will be so cool!

Registration is going on for the Cardinal Family class that I am teaching at STITCH  in Louisville, KY in October.  This is a Melissa Shirley canvas.  

The shop is taking sign ups for ghosts as well so come join us for the fun!  We'd love to have you.

And we are spreading our wings again and reintroducing the Needles 'N Fins cruises and tours.  We currently are accepting reservations for the upcoming Party on the Po which is a river cruise on the Po River in Italy.

This fun adventure will begin in Milan on October 19, 2017 and end on October 29, 2017 in Venice.  And there is a whole bunch of stuff in between!  Reception has been fantastic and we already have a great group of people joining us.  Everything in Italy is included - excursions, food, wine, drinks, and - get this - even gratuities! Oh!  Did I mention wine?  Can't beat that! To see more details go visit our sister blog at .  There you will be able to read the flyer and see what great excursions we are planning. 

In addition, I am designing an optional cruise specific piece to teach on this trip as well as some fun ornaments!  Stay tuned to see those develop.

BULLETIN:  The cruise line has advertised a special of FREE AIRFARE on this cruise for those making reservations by August 20 - clock is ticking on this one!  So what are you waiting for?  Come along and play with us - this time in Italy!

Also, a little bird told me that Liz, our agent is putting the final touches on our land tour going to Boston tentatively in late June 2017.  Local classes are on the agenda and we will hop over to the Cape Cod area as well. Stay tuned for that one as well.

Okay, I'm tired now!  Gotta go stitch, or paint, or draw, or tape - - - - - -

Have a great weekend!