Sunday, September 8, 2019



Registration opens October 1, 2019.   Would love to see you in my classes.  My first 2-day class is Conventional Techniques using Unconventional Resources.  It is taught on Saturday March 21 and Sunday Marach 22.

The second class is Winter Cardinal from Maggie.  This is taught on ________-

Some exciting new Online Mystery Classes for 2020!  Be sure to email me if you want to sign up!  These are from an artist that I have not featured before and they are distributed through Juli Mar Needlepoint.

First up will be the longer class - Fall Welcome Wreath.  

This guy will involve 8 lessons instead of the normal 6.  The 8-lesson packet will be $175.  The design is listed as 12x12.  Look at all that stuff!  Be sure to email me if you want to join in.  First lesson will be February or March 2020. Email at  

The second new class is Kissmas Eve!  This is also from JuliMar Needlepoint!

The design is listed as 8 x 10.  This whimsical kiss under the mistletoe will be covered in 6 lessons.  The 6-lesson packet will be $150.  The first class will probably start in May 2020.  Email me if you would like to join the group at  It is going to be loads of fun too!

Needles 'N Fins Stitching Adventures
As we have told you before the Mediterranean Stitching Cruise has been sold out.  So excited but sad for those who did not get in.  I am busily preparing goody bags and lots of fun surprises for my participants.  But . . .

Don't miss out on the next one.  Tulip Time on the Rhine Stitching Adventures will be sailing on April 16 through 26, 2020.  Email me  - - or may agent Liz - - for details and a brochure.  You can also find a brochure in the files section of the group Needles 'N Fins Stitching Adventures.  If you don't belong be sure to sign up now to follow out upcoming events.

Gotta go - have a great week!

Sunday, September 1, 2019


As I shared last week, ANG national Seminar is over.  This week I moved on to Napierville area to teach at the Stitchers Garden.

The classes are all full so I'm not going to be able to slack off any with this bunch. We began our adventures with What to do with Ribbons and Such.  This techniques class has been around for awhile but still remains popular.

Friday we did the Beading on Needlework techniques class.


We included a few little surprises in this class of making a star and a daisy edging trim.

Then we tackled the colorful, happy canvas from JP Needlepoint - What's That?  For me "That' is Succulents.

Here is photo of all 28 of 'em!  Yep!  28! We are plowing through them - one at a time. It is a 3 day class and after this is over it may need to be a 4 day class.  We shall see!  Such fun!


While in town I was able to have dinner with our great travel assistant Liz! She took me on a private tour of their fabulous offices.  Beautiful building, great location and very nice offices.  I met lots of smiling faces.  Looks like a happy place to work.  I also met Gwyn who will be joining us on our Tulips on the Rhine Stitching Adventure.

Registration for this adventure in going great guns but I have some news.  The price of the trip will increase the end of the month from UniWorld!  If you are sitting on the fence about coming with us you might wast to consider making a decision right away in order to save a few dollars.

Our route

Our beautiful ship!

I was most excited to meet one of our trip participants for the first time in class also.  Patty is from Paducah and is a very active volunteer at the fantastic National Quilt Museum right in our state of Kentucky.

I will warn you ahead of time that Patty is passionate about her quilting and rightly so!  We are going to have a great time.

Connie and Ellen were in classes as well.  Connie will be on the sold out Mediterranean cruise and Ellen will be on both.

Gotta go and prepare for class.  This bunch is serious about their stitching!

Later . . .

Saturday, August 24, 2019

Another ANG seminar has come and gone!

Seems like it was just yesterday that I was getting on a plane to teach 5 days at the ANG Seminar in Houston TX!  The time just flew by.  First was my class on the Texas Boot.  This 2-day class barely got started until it was over.

Next was a half-day on the Personalized Plaid tray insert.  I wish it could have been a full day but I think everyone was okay by the time we were through. We used a method different than Chottie's Plaid but I would have liked to have been able to share that method as well.

Then last but not least was the Winter Cardinal by Maggie.  Lots and lots of things to cover in this class.  We have a few glitches in the painted canvas but it was a wonderful surprise.  This gave us the opportunity to learn to relax and learn to improvise and correct the issue.  Everyone was great.

Next year we will be heading to Tucson, AZ for seminar.  I am fortunate to be teaching 2 classes there.

First will be the Crazy Needles Journey box top insert.  This is a 2-day class with prework.

This piece was named for its use of stitches that have geographical inferences - Hungarian, Romanian, French knots, etc.We use ribbon and beads as well as some other interesting embellishments.

A second class is the Flags of Glory.  

Who doesn't like red-white-blue designs?  Again we will play with ribbons, straw silks, Neon Rays, sequins and beads.

This coming week I will heading to Naperville - just outside Chicago - to teach several classes.  There will be two techniques classes - one on Beading on Needlework and one on Ribbons and Such. A third class is the What's That from JP Needlepoint.  I chose to refer to this as Succulents as it is made up of 28 plants.  You can't even imagine the number of stitches, techniques and threads we'll share as we go along.

Such fun!


Wow!  We will be leaving for the Mediterranean before we know it.  We are all looking forward to sharing our time on the Azamara ship Pursuit!  It sounds lovely!  Can't wait.  We'll have lots of stitching time in between excursions, eating, drinking, excursions, drinking, eating - oh and napping of course.  I have some wonderful surprises I can't wait to share with everyone.

The kits for the the optional class have been shipped and being prepared for their journey by the individuals as they see fit.  I suggest mounting on stretcher bars but I realize that not all like to use them.

There is still time to get yours if you would like to join us.

I have the unique pleasure of meeting some of our participants face-to-face at the national Seminar.  I was unable to get a picture of all of us but I did manage to get Ginger and Joanne to hold still long enough for a quick snap.

Others are deciding just what they want to bring along to stitch on and possibly seek assistance or suggestions.  Some have shared their project with me so I could be thinking about possibilities.  We are going to have a great time.

Reservations are in progress for the Tulip Time on the Rhine stitching cruise in April 2020.  The design is being painted, tweaked, repainted, etc.  So exciting.

Be sure to email if want more details at  

Gotta get my act together for Naperville!  Until next time . . . 

Sunday, August 18, 2019

Seminar in full swing and almost over.

I just have not had time to post a blog this weekend as I have been teaching every day!  Please check back next Saturday for an update.

Thanks for your interest and remember to stitch with a smile!


Saturday, August 10, 2019


I am leaving in a couple days for Houston where I will be teaching at the ANG Seminar.  I will be engaged for 5 days - needless to say I will probably be tired near the end - lol.

I am so fortunate to be teaching pieces that I really enjoy and loved stitching.  Heck I feel that way about 99.9% of my class pieces.  It is very rare that I will agree to teach something that I just cannot put my heart into.

One of my classes will be on the Birthday Plaid.  This concept has become very popular lately for some reason.  Here it is shown in a Lee rectangular leather snap tray that is part of the class kit for Seminar.

I chuckle, however, as I first taught this class 15 years ago.  I found some old stitch guides from a class where they were copyrighted in 2004!  But the technique is the same today as it was before when Chottie taught it and many of us put our own personal twist to it.  Here is the version I taught back then.

I was particularly fond of the diagonal design.  These were made into a checkbook cover and eyeglass case.  Didn't have as many fancy possibilities then that we do today.

Upon my return from ANG Seminar I have 3 days at home and then I am off to teach at Stitchers Garden in Naperville (outside Chicago).  The 'What's That' from JP Needlepoint is a very colorful representation of beautiful cacti.

This class is sold out!

There are two techniques classes - one-day each - one on Beading on Needlework and What to Do With Ribbons and Such.  I understand there may be one or two spots still available for these classes but when they are gone they are gone.  There is no extra room.


Just a side note to announce that all ornament stands that were ordered and paid for have been shipped! Now to finish the classes - wooooo hooooo.

Next weekend I hope to share with you sneak peeks from this month's Online Mystery Classes. These are all so much fun and I don't know that I have a favorite.  As I finish each lesson I have a little difficulty putting one aside so that I can get the current lesson done for the next.  I just want to keep stitching!  But it all seems to work out and I love it.

We announced last week that the Mediterranean Stitching Memories Cruise for 2019 was sold out.  People are still trying to join us but there is just no room at the inn - literally.

Needles 'N Fins Stitching Adventures   (Secret Facebook Page - come join us)

This may have sparked interest in getting those registrations in for the Tulip Time on the Rhine riverboat stitching cruise for April 2020.  The thoughts of the Netherlands is so exciting for me.  Visions of fields and fields of  beautiful colors of flowers just flood my mind!  I watch the various tourist clips over and over and never tire of the beauty!  Can't wait to be there in person.

We would love to have you join us!  Just hop over to Needles 'N Fins Stitching Adventures FB page and look at the brochure in the files section.  If you can't find it just drop us an email at and we'll get one off to you. Direct all travel related questions to our agent Liz at and stitching questions to me at

The S.S. Antionette!  Isn't she beautiful.  She holds 152 maximum so don't delay if you would like to come play on the Rhine.  We love these small, intimate ships that cruise the European Rivers to share a unique beauty with us.  All this and stitching with wonderful people of like minds!  Add to that fantastic food and drink - what more could one ask for.

Have a great week - me I'm going to pack!

Saturday, August 3, 2019


Heads up!
The next Butterfly Quickie has flown its wings!

If your invoice has been processed this beauty will be in the mail this coming week! Now this gal has plenty of bling - which with my expert photography does not show!

Finally finished the Succulents piece (official name What's That?) from JPNeedlepoint Designs.

This is going to be a very busy class at Stitchers Garden in Naperville (outside Chicago). As I stated before there are 28 plants!  Several have more than one stitch or technique incorporated into the design. Over 37 diagrams are shared in this stitch guide! And the threads!  Phew!  Tried to multi use as many as I could but there were spots I just had to add another to the thread list.  Hope you can join us!

The Cruisin' Stitchers optional class kits were mailed out.  I believe all that ordered them have now received them and are double checking supplies.  Don't want to get stranded without a thread or embellishment now do we?

Still time to get your kit before the cruise if you are having second thoughts!  Just email me at Can you believe we are sold out! ! !  We have 35 stitchers in our group! Poor husbands!  Oh well there is plenty of food to keep them happy!  Are we going to have a grand time or what!  I'm loving it!  

Never too early to plan!

Did you ever hear the saying that a rolling stone gathers no moss - well this gal does not need to worry about being moss covered!  This week I began painting the canvas for the upcoming Tulip Time on the Rhine riverboat stitching cruise that we will be doing in April! We had a beautiful ad in the recent issue of Needlepoint Now magazine.  They do a lovely job

This will be a totally new area for us.  We have never visited this part of the world and I know it is going to be exciting! We've been in parts of Germany and over most of Switzerland but the Netherlands is going to be very exciting for us.  !

We would love to have you join us!  There is a brochure in the files section or email me directly at and I'll email one to you.  Reservations are starting to come in and it is very delightful!

Also if you would like to keep in touch with what we plan for our adventures be sure to join the closed Facebook Group Needles 'N Fins Stitching Adventures. Be the first to find out what is on the agenda.

Packing is on my mind.  Gotta get ready for ANG Seminar in Houston - little early for me to think packing but I will be in TN next week and get home late night before I fly out next morning!

In the meantime there are lessons to be prepared for the Online Mystery Classes.  These guys are due during the Seminar.  That will present a challenge for me.  But I feel I am up to the task!  Hope I don't have to eat crow!

It is a beautiful day here and I hope you have a lovely weekend wherever you are.

Saturday, July 27, 2019

Some Relief!

Weather is finally cooling down a little!  I imagine that lots of rain has had something to do with that result.

My Stumpwork Patriotic Angel is on her way to Hampton Court Palace for the Royal School of Needlework Exhibit.  With her red, white and blue and her American flag I do not think there is any doubt that she represents America!  I am very proud of what she represents.  Safe travels my angel and have a safe trip back home next year!

Fingers have been busily working on JP Needlepoint's What's That - which I choose to call Succulents. There are 28 plants on this design and very little room for basketweave.

I will be teaching this piece at Stitcher's Garden in Naperville (outside Chicago), IL late August.  It will be lots of fun and a lot of techniques will be shared. For some reason I could not settle for basketweave on any of these plants.  I worry about something being too busy but this piece just kept telling me that I had to do a stitch for this one, or another stitch for that one, etc.  All in all I am pleased with the final results. Maybe I can share a photo with you next week.

National ANG Seminar - Houston, TX

Kit preparation has consumed most of my week however.  Kits have been shipped off for the ANG Seminar in Houston and Models for ANG Tucson 2020 and ANG Minnesota 2020 have also been shipped.  They have also been received so a sigh of relief there!


The Mediterranean Stitching Memories Cruise is SOLD OUT!  Sadly, we had to turn a few away.  But now they know all about us and are looking forward to future trips.

Kits for the Optional Project were completed and mailed for the Mediterranean Stitching Memories Cruise this October.

It is always a sigh of relief once kits are actually done and out the door.  It is at that point that I feel a sense of accomplishment. I can't wait to share some of the techniques with the stitching participants.  Those who are not doing the optional kit should bring a doodle cloth in case you want to play with some of the techniques.

Now I am trying to get the straps created for the tote bag - I am very excited about where this is going so fingers crossed that all my ideas work!

Tulip Time on the Rhine - April 2020

Yep, people are registering for this wonderful riverboat stitching cruise!  We will be returning to one of our favorite lines - UniWorld!  And we will be arriving when the tulips should be in full bloom.  It is no wonder why this is a popular stitching adventure.

For some reason I have been drawing tulips lately!  Hmmmm!  To join us just email me at or Liz at  There is a brochure in the file section but we will gladly forward your very own copy if you prefer.

Okay have a great weekend and I am back to my favorite pastime - stitching!