Saturday, January 26, 2019


The time for us to make some visits to shops for teaching assignments in 2019 is fast approaching.

March 6-12  we'll be visiting NeedleNook of LaJolla. We have been fortunate to teach embellishments classes at their retreat there for several years and always look forward to it.  Very excited as always.  A good time is had by all.

April 4-5-6 we'll be at Rittenhouse in Philadelphia PA.

We are teaching 3 separate workshops.  One day we will be teaching our Can Do Hairdos.  Such fun executing the various techniques featured in our Pocketbook Series Can Do Hairdos. 

Additional workshops will be conducted on Beading on Needlework and What to do with Ribbons and Such.

Contact the shop for information about registering.

Rittenhouse Needlepoint
New Address:
1216 Arch St #2A
Phila., PA 19107

Full Service Needlepoint shop with finishers and painters on staff
Large online needlepoint web store 

M-Sat 10:30-5:30pm
Wednesdays till 7:30pm
closed Sundays 

On April 7-8-9 we will go visit Stitch-Stash in Rehoboth, DE.  There we will be teaching the 2-day class on the colorful Flags of Glory.

We will also be teaching our Conventional Techniques using Unconventional Resources.  

June 7-8-9 we are returning to Winterthur Museum in Winterthur, DE  to teach.  I will be teaching the  Vessels design.

Here's a before picture so you can see what a difference stitches and beautiful threads can make.

This wonderful piece gives the student enough area to really learn the execution of the stitch.  It shows how to add interest through movement of stitches and shadows.  

Teresa Kinberger will be teaching this whimsical Snowman in a Top Hat.
This piece is an introduction to needle felting on canvas.  Additionally the student will apply needle weaving techniques, rushing, and shading to name a few of the stitches covered.  
We'll share WIP pictures of this cutie in a little bit.

Here's some contact information on how to register for the Event.  AND notice there is a discount if paid in a certain timeframe!  Don't miss it!  Also when emailing or phoning in , you will receive an additional 10% discount if you mention my name for registering for these two classes by the end of February.

I'm off to stitching.  I just read that you cannot stitch all day if you do not start in the morning.  I messed up today I guess - oh well - as Scarlet would say . . . . .

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