Sunday, May 14, 2023


Aren't things supposed to slow down as we celebrate our senior years?  I swear - I swear - I have cut back and slowed down!  Or at least I thought I had. But there still seems to be a shortage of time at the end of day.  I'm sure a lot of it has to do with the fact that I am not as agile, energetic nor ambitious as I once was, but, hey, my mind refuses to slow down to the pace my body is willing to put forth!  LOL.  Don't get me wrong, I am absolutely not complaining!  I am just disappointed that I cannot accomplish what my mind thinks I can and should!  I am, however, thrilled to be afforded the opportunity to continue to try.


We become more excited with each passing day as we prepare for the surprises and fun filled things we are preparing to share with you!  It is becoming more and more difficult to focus on our other projects (which are just as much fun) as we work along because we want to play with the September Retreat at General Butler Resort State Park in Carrollton, KY goodies.

Have you registered?  The fun begins on Friday afternoon , September 22, with our welcoming reception. You will meet our special artist - Gayla Elliott - and fellow participants.  We are covered from California to Delaware, North Carolina, Texas, Pennsylvania, Georgia, and our adjoining states of Indiana, Illinois and Ohio!  So we are a very diverse group who share a passion of needlework and know how to have fun and enjoy each other!

The Retreat is focused on two special Gayla Elliott Stitching Girl designs - Boss Lady and a new exclusive just for the Retreat - Stitching Girl with her Horse.

Teresa has chosen some very exciting patterns and techniques to share with her students during the 2 days bringing this design to life. Teresa breaks down stitches and techniques for all level of stitchers so you will not go away frustrated.  Some peeks have been shared over on the special group - Duo Designs Stitching Retreats. Hop over and join this group to see what is going on and to not miss future events.

The exclusive design is taught by Sandy and she will explore a different path of techniques - more rustic perhaps.

We are so anxious for you to be able to just relax and enjoy the serenity of this beautiful setting!

Okay, so we know what we are going to be doing during the day but what about the evenings after dinner?  If you think you are going to go to your room and watch TV or go to bed, forget it!  Teresa and Sandy have -who knows what - something in store for each evening.  You must be present to participate and receive whatever the surprises are.  

There will be a great Goody Bag at registration.  You will need to bring the Goody Bag with you at all events because you may need some of the items that are contained therein -' tee hee' she snickers with an evil 'know all' smirk.

There will be nightly prizes and you must be present to collect - if not present then another name will be drawn.

For those already registered we will be sending invoices in a couple of weeks so start watching for them.

Email us at if you have not received your registration form and we will get a brochure out to you right away.  The clock is ticking and we would love to have you join us!


 The beginning of the new class of ORNAMENTS GALORE from JP Needlepoint will be starting this week.  If you are registered your invoice for the teaching fee has been sent.  Canvases have been mailed for those that ordered.  Follow the private group Ornaments Galore on Facebook for more specific details.

Session X for the Chinese Lanterns is next up and we have a lot of fun techniques we are sharing in this session for the JP canvas.

Then Sea Shells is also actively being stitched. Session IV is on the floor stand.  


GREECE is just around the corner!  Wow it is so hard to believe that stitching adventure is only a few months away.

The canvas for the optional class - Santorini Splendor - has been received!  YAY!

This Optional Kit of a hand painted canvas and thread kit is $385 .  Kits will be mailed to participants prior to our departure so that you may stretch your canvas and arrange your kit to your liking.  Stitch guides will be handed out in Venice.  If you want to purchase this optional kit for the adventure just email us at

Until next time - - - - 

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