Saturday, January 14, 2023


NOTE:  TOMORROW is deadline for registering for the SeaShells on the Shore online class (not Zoom).

If joining us you will be invoiced for the canvas, 8 lesson class fee and shipping.  There is an optional thread kit offered by a shop if interested.  

EMAIL right away to: to still get in the class


I saw a discussion on a talk show debating when one should stop saying Happy New Year.  Opinions ran the gamut.  Everything from January 2 , the middle of the month and the end of the month. I never gave it too much thought but it was interesting to listen to the conversation.  For me, I tend to play it by ear.  I probably just stay within the month of January.  I also use my gauge my wishes to go to those I may have not yet wished a good year.  So those who have not yet received same from me - Happy New Year to all from Duo Designs!

This is the weekend we traditionally have our Chapter runaway to Blue Licks.  While I am hopeful I don't think I am going to be able to make the trip this year.  I'm thinking that maybe hubby will feel like a nice drive in the country one day (if it doesn't continue to snow that is).

Class excitement stirs on several fronts.  


Okay I'm gonna post a little early the lessons for January.

First, we finished our Three Wisemen

This was a great class and I had fantastic students!  They did fabulously throughout the course.  They make me look so good!

Lesson for January was also posted for Besties.

A face that only a  mother could love at this point - lol.

The next class had another lantern added to the Chinese Lantern classes.

Love working on JP Needlepoint Designs for teaching a wide variety of stitches and techniques!

So what's next?  

As stated above we will be starting the Sea Shells on the Shore class mid-February.  There is still time to join  - but not much.  Email:

Next up - I couldn't help myself -  another JP Needlepoint Design - Ornaments Galore!

We are trying to set this up to begin mid-May.  It will be 10 sessions in length.  There will be a couple months we will post 2 sessions to shorten the finish time for you.  Email us at to get on the list.  This will be a limited group requiring $150 non-refundable deposit at time of registration.


We have created a new group for those of you who are interested in joining us for this event.  You may ask questions and follow along as we share some ins and outs of this adventure.  Go to facebook group Duo Designs Stitching Retreat  - 2023 to join.


Brochures are now ready for this fun stitching adventure.  We begin in Venice and end in Athens!  October -11-23, 2023

We have added  extra days in Venice and agent can set up optional extra days in Athens for those who want a little more time than on the Azamara schedule.

Yes are traveling with Azamara again .  Loved this ship!  Email us to get brochure, etc:

That's all I have for today - I'll catch up on anything I've overlooked next time!

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