Saturday, October 1, 2022

Our prayers and well wishes go out to our Southern friends who are suffering through this terrible storm and its after affects! Please stay as safe as you can under these horrible circumstances.


Some have asked how we came up with the Stitching Retreat idea.  It was more through requests than an idea although Teresa suggested the topic and it fit in with requests from other sources as well.  We have been asked to do more stateside adventures in addition to our International Stitching Cruises.  Also we have been requested to do something for those who are not crazy about water and/or flying.  We took 2 + 2 and came up with the idea of a local retreat.  Thus, Duo Designs Stitching Retreat was born.  

We are fortunate to have many beautiful locations where we could host such an event and General Butler State Resort Park just fit the idea perfectly!  It is easily accessible - within 45 minutes of 2 International Airports - Louisville, KY and Cincinnati, Ohio (Northern KY) and on Interstate highways.  It provides housing - the Lodge is like your typical hotel rooms (oh and there are also cabins if one prefers).  You can eat - well-staffed kitchen and dining rooms providing lovely menu choices.  Conference Center - roomy and private - just what our participants like.  Scenery - overlooking beautiful mountains and rivers  - and in the Fall season.

We are excited to share all the above with our participants for the September 22-25, 2023 Retreat featuring the Stitching Girls designs of Gayla Elliott.

We are also excited to share with those wanting to explore while waiting to be able to get their rooms (rooms ready at 4 pm), that there are lots of historic and famous things to enjoy before coming to the Lodge.  How about for those of you flying into Louisville and renting a car, you might want to stop and see historic Churchill Downs.  You can walk around on your own or take one of their tours.  It’s only about 2 miles (5 min) from the airport.  Also, Louisville has the largest number of distilleries listed on the Bourbon Trail.  We will be providing access to more information for that interest later.

Reservations are in progress at the Lodge - be sure to use the Group Code 6066. We have had to increase our group so don't wait too long to get yours.

Email us to request your personal brochure and registration packet -

A sneak peek at Boss Lady.  Background for the wall sign has been determined. Now Teresa can add stitching emphasis on the firm name without distracting from the background.

The Stitching Girl With Her Horse had more threads selected yesterday!  So much fun!  So excited to share with you soon.

Speaking of Cruises . . . .

Hawaiian Island Hoping Stitching Cruise is scheduled for April 13-22, 2023 for 10 days of tropical paradise adventure.  When not adventuring we can be stitching!  Send email to and request your brochure to get on this beautiful trip.

Another beautiful trip?  How about Cruising fabulous Greece?  We begin our lovely journey on October 19-30, 2023. The first two days are spent in Athens - wow the history!  We then board the beautiful Azamara 'Onward" for 8 days of visiting and exploring so many options!

I personally am looking forward to Crete and Santorini especially. Oh, and Rhodes, and, and, and  . . . 

Email us at to request your brochure and sign up for this fabulous trip with fellow needleworkers!  We always have so much fun!


Don't forget to register for the next Online Classes.  Next up is Besties - Pink Ostrich and friend Froggie.

After Besties will be SeaShells on the Shore - our first class in 2023.

Email us at for details.

Until next time . . . . .

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