Saturday, September 17, 2022


I thought I had been slowing down but somehow things keep stacking up.  I see something that makes my mind go crazy with ideas and I just can't pass up the opportunity.   Some examples - - -


This week we shared Session IV of the Three Wisemen.

Oh my!  The Group really has their work cut out for them this time.  It is going to be so rewarding when they complete this Wiseman. He has lots of dimensional 'stuff' and elegance to his robes and scarves.  Yum!

Then we also shared Session II of the Chinese Lanterns.

After getting that pesky background out of the way they can now move on to the first lantern. This should keep everybody busy for a few days.

Registration still happening for the next up Besties - Pink Ostrich and Froggie

You know she is going to be a fluffy mess by the time I finish with her!

Right after Besties we will have SeaShells on the Shore!

I'm so excited because I have a canvas now where I can begin putting my thoughts to the needle and thread!  Can't wait.

To register for these classes just email us at and we'll get the paperwork going (or is that cyberwork?)!

How about face-2-face events?  

In December we will be teaching at the Needlefest hosted Christmas in Williamsburg!  We have 2 class offerings from which you may choose.  First is the Colors of Christmas - a 1-day class:

And then there is the sweet Beary Winterland - a 2-day class::

Check out their brochure!  There are tons of classes and different techniques by a plethora of fantastic teachers for your pleasure.  Email if you have questions:

In September we will be hosting the fun-filled Duo Designs Stitching Retreat 2023 at the General Butler State Resort Park in Carrollton, KY.  We are highlighting the Kentucky artist Gayla Elliott for this event.  Gayla will be participating in our Meet and Greet Reception to kick off the festivities.  Then we have two classes of Stitching Girl Designs that are 2-day classes. 

Boss Lady is being taught by Teresa Kinberger (note the sign in the room!).  Teresa is assisting with personalizing the signs for those participants who wish to do something special for their office or as a gift for Mom, Sister, Daughter, Friend, Granddaughter, etc.   So far she has things like needlepointer, decorator, teacher, grannie - you get the idea.

Stitching Girl With Her Horse is an exclusive design for Duo Designs to introduce at this Retreat.

This class is taught by Sandra Arthur.  My horse will have the name on his stall as 'Slew'.  Haven't decided yet what I want the WIP to be - - -

Email us right away to get your brochure outlining details for the September 22-25, 2023 Event.  Space is limited due to the possible delay in receiving canvases.  Don't hesitate.  Slots are filing at a good pace. There is a block of rooms for our participants as well - we will provide you with a code number when you register.  Email 


Our Hawaiian Island-Hopping Stitching Cruise is looming in our future.  April 13-22, 2023 gives us 10 days of fabulous sights, food, music, history and much more.  We begin with 2 nights in magical Honolulu.  The beach will beckon us, shopping in abundance is available and beauty is all around us.  Kick back and soak in the ambience as we prepare for our cruise ahead.  The second night in Honolulu we have a reception and our first formal class.  Next morning we will head for our ship and 7 days of Hawaii.We will be visiting 4 islands.

During this cruising we will be staying overnight at 2 of our destinations.

Our mid-November deadline for the group progressing is just around the corner!  Be sure to sign up right away so we can plan accordingly. As our many previous stitching cruises in the past, this too will be packed with fun and fabulous memories!  Email us at for a brochure and with questions.

In the Fall we will cruise through Greece!  

We begin with 2 nights in Athens and 8 nights on the Azamara ship 'Onward'. 
Azamara Cruises seems to be adding and changing enticements regularly!  The earlier this is booked the better the deals appear to be.  This trip is scheduled for October 19-30, 2023.  Email us to get your brochure and answer any questions.  We will be working on an exclusive Optional Souvenir Design Kit.   email to 

Okay, I'm tired!  Until next week - stay safe and remember to Stitch with a Smile.

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