Saturday, March 26, 2022


Work bags are packed and ready!  Next personal luggage! We are all so excited to be able to interact face-to-face after what seems to be an eternity. 

Second bag of participant goodies packed and ready.  Now for me!

The common hiccup seems to be all the paperwork due to destination.  Fortunately, there has been some easing of requirements but since we’ll be in 4 countries and on a ship hubby and I opted to go ahead and adhere to the various requests just in case.


I always feel a tremendous relief once on the airplane. If it isn’t done by then there is nothing further I can do but sit back and enjoy!  I have my stitching piece packed in my carry on so I’m good!



Registration is healthy and ongoing at this time. It is always so much fun to add a new thread and a new stitch to the design area.


Stitching is happening on the Three Wisemen and I can’t wait to share with those who are signing up.  If you would like to join us just send email to DuoDesignsInc@gmail.comThis class will be covered in 8 separate sessions – one session a month.  These are not Zoom classes but through a private FB group where participants can download the pdf lesson and work at their leisure.

Threads are being pulled for the 
next class and canvases are ordered.  Chinese Lanterns offers much in the way of threads, techniques and embellishments!  



 This class will be covered In  12 separate sessions.  The plan is to have a month or two have 2 sessions if possible.


These are not Zoom classes but through a private FB group where participants can download the pdf lesson and work at their leisure.


 Face-to-Face Classes

Once we return from our stitching cruise adventure I will share some exciting face-to-face class information with you!  I know! Face-to-face sounds like a foreign concept doesn’t it?

Saturday, March 19, 2022


My oh my! Twelve days and we'll be on our way to Amsterdam for our Tulip Time Down the Rhine riverboat stitching cruise.  It seems to be really finally happening!  What's three years among friends?  Ha Ha Things are crazy at Arthur Acres as we pull out class 'stuff' to share with the participants.  

The most stressful part of the adventure for me is the time up to when we actually get on the airplane.  Once there I can make no adjustments or changes - lol. So basically I am free!

We just received notice that the required pre-testing is lifted. Phew.  Time crunch was really stressful!

First group of 'stuff' is packed and ready for the trip!


Our first shipment of canvases for Three Wisemen has been mailed out today.  We will accept  class registration up through our return from the Tulip Stitching Cruise -  mid-April.  Send  request to for inclusion.

The first line of invoices for the canvases have been sent for the Chinese Lanterns canvas.  Registration is ongoing so you can still sign up.  We will limit the class size to the available canvases so register early!

I have been having so much fun pulling threads and  embellishments.  So excited to share my ideas with you.

Back to working on the upcoming cruise!  It looms on the horizon! Until next time!

Saturday, March 12, 2022


After a beautiful day yesterday in the high 70s, Mother Nature decided to leave us a small gift this morning;

Together with 16 deg temperature!  Supposedly this will only last for a day and tomorrow it will start clearing off.  We'll see.  So I'm having what I think might be the last roaring fire in the fireplace.


We are progressing full speed ahead on our new upcoming classes.  While registration is still ongoing for the Three Wisemen the first group of canvases will be shipped out this coming week!  YAY!

I have the first lesson stitched!  We tentatively have this class scheduled to begin mid-May. Maybe earlier if I get all the threads to the shop to work up an optional kit for those who need assistance.  It is an 8 session project.  The printed canvas is $86 plus $16 S/H.  The lessons will be $225. Just email us if you'd like to join the fun.

A second great project is the Chinese Lanterns from JP Needlepoint.  This handpainted design will be limited due to the backlog on the painters' tables.  We plan to begin this class in mid-June.  The canvas is $200 plus $16 S/H and will be billed right away to assure you get the canvas in time for the class postings. 

There is a plethora of techniques to be experienced on this design.  I can't wait!  We'll work with ribbons, beads, lots of specialty threads and techniques other than the standards will be sprinkled in as well. Maybe tassel making and cord making will be included. This design will involve 12 sessions.  There may be occasion where a couple sessions may be combined in one month to cut down the time devoted to completing this. The class fee for the 12 lessons is $300 and will be invoiced about one month prior to first lesson being shared.

All sessions are shared in private Facebook groups.  These are not Zoom classes but have pdf files that accompany each session for you to download at your leisure.  If desired we may have a Zoom chat session to discuss the piece as we go along.

You don't want to miss this one!  Email us at to register and get your canvas ordered!

Uniquely Yours with a Twist

We are winding down our latest Uniquely Yours with a Twist class sessions. These involve 10 Zoom sessions which contain a taped illustration of chosen stitches.  We will soon be introducing our Third Season.

For those interested we can share the Uniquely Yours with a Twist class sessions.  Email us at indicating your interest.

Needles 'N Fins Stitching Adventures (sign up now for the private Facebook group)

Well it appears that we are actually going to make The Netherlands this go round.  We have some pretty strict marching orders but they are being loosened almost daily.  We are waiting in hopes that the Covid testing will be lifted but our tests are scheduled just in case.

Many of us are very anxious to just see others and enjoy the get away!

In the meanwhile I must begin packing or at least planning for it.  

Have a great week!

Saturday, March 5, 2022


Obviously I'm not up to snuff as yet since I did not post last week.  We are getting there I think.  First important tidbit I have to share with you. . . after what seems like a million years we have changed our main email over to Please change in your address file so I can receive your wonderful messages, requests, thoughts, etc.  If you have sent mail in the last few days yahoo has not forwarded them so please resend.  I'm in the process of changing the contact address as I think of the millions of places that addy is out there.  Thank you so much for your patience.


As of today, all is a go!  We are all so excited!  I'm sure the tulips don't give a dip stick as to what Russia is doing and they will be just as beautiful and making a proud display for us to enjoy.    There has been a recent ease up on our Covid requirements so it appears we are down to just one negative test before we depart.  That helps.  However, masks are still a staple.  Frankly even if they weren't, Hubby and I would wear when around groups.

About Hubby, doctors have cleared him to go and enjoy.  We will not be making the land tours but immensely enjoying the scenery from the ship.  We might step over into the local cities next to the dock but not taking the outward hiking, etc., adventures.  Of course we'll do the tulip gardens!


Two classes have been chosen to share online in the very near future.  First will be the Three Wisemen.

At the moment the jury is out on whether this is going to be a mystery class or regular.  It will be shared via private groups as before.  It will also be shared in pdf format for your convenience.  

This is a printed canvas and is beautiful. It may be requested on 13ct., 16ct or 18ct fabric.  The class will be made up of 8 sessions.  These sessions will be shared once a month - generally mid-month.  Participants work from their stash.  If you need assistance, we will share information of a shop that is offering a kit that contains threads and any specialty items such as sew-on gems, etc.  

Email right away if you want to participate in this large class -  .  We will be ordering the canvases in the next week or so and we will be invoicing for the canvas when you advise you are taking the class.  The class fee will not be invoiced until a month prior to the first lesson.  These steps spread out the cost to the participant and makes it easier on the budget, lol.

Next up will be JP Needlepoint's Chinese Lanterns.  I am not an oriental themed person myself but this design just screamed techniques and my mind went crazy with the fun things I could share with you to use not only on this canvas, but others that we all manage to have in our stash.

Fair warning:  there will be beads, ribbons, dimensional techniques, metallics, you think we might need a tassel or two?, and who knows what else once we get started.

This class will encompass 12 sessions.  I may try to do some sessions as 2 sessions a month if I find a combination that I am comfortable asking you to tackle that way.  This would cut down the time for you.  I'm not promising for sure, I'm just promising we'll see.

Email us at to register.  When you register you will be invoiced for the canvas.  Canvases are limited in number!  We will make an effort to accommodate all who want to participate up to the point of not being able to get the canvas.  We are not going to hold up the class waiting for canvases.  Tried that a couple times and it was not fun. We have already ordered those that are due in the end of this month.  

That's it for today - have a great weekend!