Saturday, October 2, 2021


Gosh we barely get through one Saturday until another is upon us!  I suppose that means we have a full life with much going on and we are not focusing on what day of the week it happens to be.

We are having a lovely Fall here in Central Kentucky.  My husband states at least every few days - I believe this is the most beautiful fall we've had in a long time!  And he has been fortunate to have experienced many!

Zoom Classes

I'm about to tame this Zoom monster that I have been experiencing!  Zoom and Internet have not been very nice to me.  But never fear - we do not give up!  My Uniquely Yours With a Twist students have been so wonderful and patient.  I'm sure I would have thrown in the towel long ago if it were not for their encouragement.  

We have several venues going on.  We have the Uniquely Yours With a Twist which was our first stab at a little different approach.  Although a 10 week class we added 2 bonus sessions to afford the opportunity to get some kinks out.  I am so thankful that we did!  My students are really into this little twist of doing things and are achieving spectacular results!  I am so proud of them all!

Love this approach to a recently shared stitch and the combination of threads and stitches

Here's some peeks from some who have shared:

Fantastic texture!

Then we have the One-on-One classes which are all 10 weeks in length.  These are so focus is strictly on the participant and what they are working on and where they would like some guidance.  These sessions remind me of almost just sitting and chatting with a friend as we work through kinks or stumbling blocks.  I think these are really going to be some of my favorites.

And we have some Chapter contracts for the Uniquely Yours With a Twist.  These sessions will be private to the contracted chapter.  It is so nice that they have each other handy if needed.

Coming soon with be Uniquely Yours Season Two. This series of stitches are a bump up from the more basic techniques in the first session.  This series will probably begin mid-December.  Let us know if you would like to be included.  Just email to


My three (3) classes with the 2021 Seminar will be over this coming week.  All lessons have been shared and we will have our wrap up Zoom sessions this week.  A lot was learned on both sides here.  I wanted to share my videos on needle felting with the students.  However, they were too large.  What to do?  What to do?  Well, after a couple failures, we decided to take them to YouTube.  The links were shared with the participants and it seems to have worked out well.  

The work that the students have shared with me has been fabulous.  It always makes me so proud when my students succeed!


Playing with a new idea for this job great class setup we have enjoyed over the years.  Our next class will still be the traditional online download of once a month.  However, I am contemplating the addition of Zoom sessions as well.  

A beautiful canvas by JP Needlepoint (you know - Catitudes and Dog Gone Good, etc. -  has been calling my name for some time now.  This one is of Japanese lanterns.  Now I do not have one oriental thing in my house.  The appeal this canvas had for us was the opportunity it affords for sharing so many diverse techniques.  I'm checking on the availability of the canvases before making a commitment to teach it.

Off to stitch guides!  Stay safe and enjoy Stitching!

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