Saturday, October 9, 2021


A new title has joined our POCKETBOOK SERIES!  Tisket, Tasket, Lots and Lots of Baskets are being shipped as we post this .

The new Pocketbook is 55+ pages chocked full of detailed diagrams and colored pictures of the finished techniques!

The book covers lots of suggestions for creating baskets, rims and handles.  

Check with your LNS and get yours today!

Another door closes . . . 

My three classes for the ANG Kansas City Virtual Seminar have now been completed.  Although I certainly missed the f2f interaction with my students, we managed to have a good experience anyway.  Many have already finished either their Heloise Hooty, Vessels, or the Conventional Techniques with Unconventional Resources.  While it was wonderful sharing with students we are all looking forward to a return to the f2f venues next year for our 50th Anniversary!  Fingers crossed!


Things are settling down with the quirks and setbacks created through Internet being (as the message that is blared out to me on the computer) UNSTABLE.  We have managed to work around some disadvantages and the classes seem to be moving along smoothly. 

Our Uniquely Yours With a Twist has had its fourth session and we are pleased with the results.  I love the way the students are reading their canvases and making very wise, and sometimes unique, choices as to where to use the stitch featured!  They are all learning from each other's choices and having fun doing it.  Many have already signed up for the second session that begins in December.  Send an email to if you are interested in getting more details.

Very creative participants!

The One-on-One Sessions are also going fabulously!  These classes are so personal and on point to what the participant wants to accomplish!  Love it!  

Along those lines we have been requested to consider shorter duration sessions.  So, we will begin offering an abbreviated round of One-on-One Sessions.  These sessions will be made up of 30 minutes for the 10 week period.  If interested in setting up your very own personal class just email us at


Various Guilds and Shops are slowly reverting back to live, f2f classes.  At least that is my explanation for the sundry proposal requests we are getting.

Coming in November (sold out) we will be teaching in Cape Cod, MA at Osterville Needlepoint.  This fantastic shop just changed owners so we will be going in under new management.  I anticipate no noticeable change however.,

The last week in January we plan to be at The Black Sheep in Orlando teaching the Wacky Flamingo and Can Do Hairdos.  Contact Anne for details.

We're also working on the contract for a guild in Minnesota for August 2022 so we'll see how that goes.  

I am traveling sparingly so picking and choosing my classes for the near future.

Until next time stay safe and Stitch with a Smile!


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