Saturday, September 11, 2021

September 11, 2021

We will NEVER forget.  Like many of you I can clearly remember where I was and our total disbelief as we watched what was transpiring before our eyes on the live news casts and playbacks on the television setss.  We were in disbelief and numb.  The day was spent glued to the television and weeping.  Weeping for the unbelievable loss of so many.  Weeping for the courageous responders.  Weeping for our wonderful country.  Weeping for the beautiful world that we were losing. We have never been the same since.  God bless America!

Today will be a very somber day as we watch the 20 year anniversary remembrance activities unfold on the television once more. We must keep our faith and continue to move forward. We will remain strong and resilient! 

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