Saturday, July 31, 2021


        I apologize for the untimely notice of a past January posting.  I have no idea why that                occurred.

WoW!  These hot days of summer are just flying by!  Seems we were just waiting for the new year to roll in and here it is over half done!  

It has been very hot and humid here in Central Kentucky.  When you get our age in this kind of weather there isn't too much ambition to do anything.  Heck we are too lazy to even get in the pool.

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Things are really in high gear as we prepare for our upcoming Tulip Time on the Rhine Riverboat Stitching Cruise!  We will be leaving the US on March 31 and welcome April 1 in Amsterdam!  We should arrive in time to see the beautiful tulips in all their glory.  However, don't think that tulips are all we will see!  From the looks of the promotional data there are lots of other flowers as well.  And, of course, we'll want to ship a bunch of bulbs home for us to enjoy in the Springs ahead.  

For those of you who recently ordered and paid for the Optional Class Kit, they should be in the mail this coming week.  If there are others still wanting to participate in the fun just drop us an email and we can take care of your request.  email:

We have filled our allotted space on the ship and are scrambling to see if we can get more staterooms as more and more people are interested in joining us.  I understand we do have a wait list so don't give up if you want to come along and play.  Just keep in touch with our agent Liz ( and she'll continue 'shaking the bushes' to see if we can make it happen.

Last count I believe we had 48 in our party and of those 36 are stitchers!  That poor ship will never be the same after we leave!

The teachers have their airline tickets so we are another step closer to the adventure.  We are working daily with our printer finalizing little surprises and fine tuning our plans.  Can't wait to share what we have in mind with you all! You know us - we're always up to something!

We have finalized plans for our upcoming Hawaiian Island Hopping Stitching Cruise!  Be sure to mark your calendar for April 13-22, 2023!  We have so much planned!  We will begin our journey with 2 days in front of the planned cruise ship's itinerary.  We can lay on the beach, shop, and have our first class prior to beginning our visit to other islands on the agenda!  You won't want to miss this one.


 Be sure to join the Face Book Group Needles 'n Fins Stitching Adventures to keep up with what we are up to!  There might be something you'd like to do with us. 


Our ANG officers and committees (all volunteers) are working tirelessly in an effort to make this a very successful virtual seminar.  There is so much to do behind the scenes and it is done without complaint by these wonderful people!  I personally know that the current priority is getting the classrooms up and running so that we all may have nothing but a great experience - teachers as we share our lessons and participants as they enjoy doing them. 

While the majority of us really miss our face-to-face encounters in the classrooms, these virtual classes do offer an opportunity to those who may not otherwise have been able to attend a live seminar.  So get yourselves all geared up and ready to go once everything is in place and we all have our ducks in a row!


We are down to just a few more lessons on the fun Two by Two from Strictly Christmas.  We recently shared Noah in the last session posted.

 In a couple weeks we'll be sharing more animals.  Be sure to stay tuned!


We are awaiting word from the Florida shop concerning the canvases needed for the upcoming Whacky Flamingo class.  They are so fun but can't share if don't have the canvases - lol.  We're watching the situation closely.

Osterville Needlework in Mashpee, MA, however, has us very busy working on stitch guides for the next face-to-face class with them in November.  Here are just a few of them!  

I'll try to share more pictures next week of some of the others.  So many techniques!

Take care of yourselves and be safe.  In the meanwhile remember to stitch with a smile!


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