Saturday, June 26, 2021


What a delightful teaching assignment I have had these last few days!  Osterville Needlepoint is such a super host!  This is truly a lovely shop and if you are ever in Mashpee you need to stop by and say hello.  You will be treated royally! 

I so love lighthouses and got to see two more up close and personal.

Had an extra day and was able to get in ma little shopping too

I have wonderful students - many of which took my class last time and some have been able to sign up for the next class!  I am very blessed.

What a gamut of designs I have been able to work with this weekend!  Some serious, fun, landscapes, birds, Christmas, seascapes (surprise, surprise!), critters, samplers, etc.   Such a wonderful array to work with.

I could not ask for better hosts nor students!  I am very blessed.

When I get  back home i will be concentrating on the ANG Virtual Seminar.  After that I will be preparing for a couple contracted shop visits.

For right now I am tired and must prepare for tomorrow's canvases!  Stay safe and I'll check back in next week with more news.

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