Saturday, June 5, 2021


The ANG Seminar for 2021 has once again been forced to be a virtual event.  This presents a very unique opportunity for more persons to be able to attend than ever before.  

        This year you are not restricted by travel.  No need to make those airline reservations.

        This year you do not have to stay at a hotel.

        This year you are not restricted due to responsibilities at home that prevent you from                   attending.

        This year you are not restricted to class selection due to overlapping schedules.

        This year you may take as many classes as you desire.

So what is holding you back?  By all indications of the direction our country is heading, this could be the last time you have these opportunities!  Come on and get those registrations filed! Go to and get the ball rolling!

It is my guess that my class of Heloise Hooty is filled and not available for registration.  There are unlimited spots in most other classes, however, offered by many wonderful teachers.

One of my project classes that you can register for is the Vessels class.

As you can see there are lots of spaces to learn the stitch showcased on each Vessel.  We also work on the shading of the areas.  Come join us for this lovely collection of baskets and pots.


We are so excited at the activity that is going on for our upcoming riverboat stitching cruise along the Rhine!  We leave on March 31, 2022  - that is just around the corner!  So much awaits us on the river.  

I must say that these cruises are the topmost relaxing vacations we have ever taken.  Even though these are working trips for Duo Designs the stress and anxiety just melts away. 

On this cruise we will be hosted by the S.S. Antionette of UniWorld. We have had the good fortune to have sailed on this ship before!  So excited to get to visit her again. She and her staff provided the ultimate in care and attention.Well, all of UniWorld ships that we have been on can boast that!

One exciting aspect of this year's adventure is that we are seeing a trend of several mother/daughter pairs joining us!  How wonderful is that!  Not only are they enjoying creating wonderful memories together but they (for the most part) also share the love of needlework!

We have several singles joining us too.  They say they like the feel of safety and the great camaraderie that they experience on our journeys.  Also, we occasionally have someone looking to share a roommate.  If you prefer a roommate just let our agent Liz know. 

To receive a brochure and more information about the travel aspect of the trip, contact Liz at Our block of staterooms are dwindling so be sure to get your cabin reserved right away!  March/April isn't that far away!  

Email us at for our stitching itinerary or questions you might have on that part of the trip.  Other than the second night on land all our classes are on the ship.  No class will conflict with the advertised excursions!  So we have the best of both worlds!  Seeing beautiful spots in another land and stitching with great friends!We'd love to have you join us.


Yesterday we shared the last Session for the Raymond Crawford American Train Series.
Those who have the desire to do so can get their stitching finished in time to display for the July 4th Holiday!

Soon we will be sharing another Session of the wonderful Two by Two from Strictly Christmas.  This has been such a fun piece to do.

POCKETBOOK SERIES - Books based on selected themes

Are you familiar with our fun Pocketbook Series books?

Be sure to check with your local needlepoint shop to get your very own copy.  I have it from a very close source that No. 5 is about ready to go to the printer!  So exciting!

DuodesignsbySandra-   Etsy Shop

Have you checked our Etsy Shop lately? We are adding more and more stitch guides as time permits.  We will soon be adding a full line of handpainted canvases too so stay in touch!

It is a beautiful day here in Central Kentucky and the weather man has promised no rain.  He could not promise the same for the rest of the weekend nor next week however, so we best enjoy while we can.

Stay safe and remember to Stitch with a Smile!

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