Sunday, May 2, 2021

 OOPS!  Today is not Saturday - - -

I cannot believe how quickly time is going for me.  I did not even think about blog yesterday.  But, let's face it.  We did have the excitement of the Kentucky Derby and I was absorbed in some of the TV coverage (which I never do), etc.  Next thing I know it is Sunday morning.

Nothing much going on right now.  Working on upcoming lessons for the Two by Two from Strictly Christmas and the American Train from Raymond Crawford.  I love stitching my ideas and seeing what they turn out to be.

Lots of activity is resuming on the cruise front.  Keeping fingers crossed that we will be able to travel abroad this coming April.  We have plenty of people who are as optimistic as I am however.   And we are ready to leave on this end!

You know the tulips are going to be breathtaking!  And that is only a small part of our journey.

One of our ships from previous cruise!

We plan to depart on March 31, 2022 through  April 10, 2022.  Contact our travel agent Liz at for travel details.

Our optional stitching kit is the Windmills and Tulips.  This is an extra charge for those who would like to take a specific class.  Otherwise bring your favorite project from home that you would like to have help with.

Now, as those of you who have traveled with us before know, there is lots more to experience - both in adventures and stitching!  Can't wait!

Our Pocketbooks are doing great!  We are so happy that you are enjoying them.  If you haven't gotten yours yet, check with your Local Needlepoint Shop.  On our website at  there is a listing of all the shops carrying our products. 

Stay safe and remember to Stitch With a Smile!


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