Saturday, May 22, 2021

Mother Nature Must Have Had the Corona Virus:

We seem to be skipping some seasons here in Kentucky.  One day we have the furnace on and the next day we need air conditioning.  I think, however, that we are in for a long spell of hot weather now.  I don't complain about the heat because I am always cold but I know others are miserable.  Fortunately we don't need to deal with a lot of humidity where we are so it could be worse.


As we reported last week, we see interest increasing and slowly building back up for the riverboat stitching cruises.  Our upcoming Tulip Time on the Rhine Stitching Cruise is set for the end of March through April 10, 2022.  (UniWorld calls it Castles Along the Rhine but we're sticking with the name we had in 2020 before rescheduling.)  

We know it is going to be beautiful and we have a lot to look forward to.  So many of us have not been out and about in so long that we will not know how to act. Hubby and I will even be content to just sit on the ship deck and take it all in as we cruise down the river.  But of course we'll take in as many sights as we can. You know we're going to do the tulip gardens!  I think hubby just comes along mostly for the food anyway.  The staff of UniWorld certainly makes sure he has plenty no matter where he is on the ship.

Email our agent Liz at for travel details.  Email us at for stitching details.  We'd love to have you join us. We have a wonderful group already so knowing over half of them that have traveled with us before I know we are going to have a great time.  Our new cruisers with us are in for a treat that's for sure!


We cannot thank you all enough for the wonderful support we have received on our new Pocketbook Series Books.  As each new subject it released we are overwhelmed with the process of getting them out the door.  They truly have been so much fun for us and we love working on future titles!  Stay tuned!  There are still more on the shelf.

ETSY SHOP - DuoDesignsbySandra

Don't forget to check out our Etsy Shop.  We have lots and lots of digital stitch guides available.  We also have a few class surplus supplies.  We are entertaining the idea of broadening our offers and include our line of handpainted canvases.  Stay tuned and keep checking back!


We have had some interest concerning possibly hosting Hooters Anonymous from JP Needlepoint as an Online Mystery Class. Because of the interest we are taking a poll to see if there is enough to warrant a class.

This class will involve 8 Sessions.  The class 8-lesson packet is $225.  There will be one lesson posted per month.  Order your canvas through your LNS.  As we get closer to class time we will post a thread/embellishment list on the private Facebook Page. We will also work with a shop to prepare a thread/embellishment kit for those who want additional assistance. More details on that later.  

Email us at to sign up for the class.  You will be invoiced shortly after registering. We anticipate the class beginning at the first of the year - January 2022.  That is assuming we can get the threads and supplies needed by that time.  


Don't forget to register for the online classes of the ANG Seminar for 2021.  This virtual seminar affords the opportunity of attendance to all without the additional hassle of trying to travel!  Plus it is in the convenience of your own home!  Check out the classes being offered at their website of  You can scroll down a little and get the full details of my classes - which I would love to have you join in!.

Heloise Hooty

Conventional Techniques with Unconventional Resources


Registration closes mid-June so don't miss out!


We are taking the brave pill and getting back out 'amongst 'em'.  Our first trip will be to Cape Cod to Osterville Needepoint at the end of June.  This class has been sold out from day one.  She is, however, hosting a second class in November so I'm not sure but I think it, too, is sold out.  We do have a great time there.    

Next we are rescheduling our 'corona postponed Flamingo Class' at The Black Sheep in Orlando.  Stay tuned for details on that one.  You may contact Anne if you would like to be included - the

We are refilling our calendar for 2022 so stay tuned.  Have lots of exciting possibilities coming up!

Have a great weekend and remember to Stitch with a Smile!


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