Saturday, May 8, 2021

 It seems that things are slowly improving!  Isn't that wonderful!

I have this pollyanna attitude where I generally only scan the news.  It is either so depressing for me or so questionable that I don't know what to believe.  I prefer to stay snug here in my little cocoon. I wasn't always like that.  When younger I could fight battles with the best of 'em.  However, at this stage of my life I just want to enjoy what is around me.

Needles 'N Fins Stitching Adventures  

Tulip Time on the Rhine  has been kicking up a notch with activity.  We are getting more active inquiries and more commitments.  The activity alone makes you feel we are moving towards 'normalcy' - lol - whatever that is. 

As we all know, guidelines are changing daily for traveling abroad.  We just keep watching and hoping we will get to see those tulips come April and all indications seem to say 'YES'!  In the meanwhile, our travel agent cannot stress enough the importance of insurance in these times of uncertainty.  Please make sure you discuss with her.  

As a reminder this is a picture of the Optional class kit to purchase for those who want to participate. The kit has a handpainted canvas, all the threads and/or embellishments needed to complete the project and a detailed stitch guide. The full kit will be mailed to you upon receipt of payment, with the exception of the stitch guide.  We will share that when we arrive in The Netherlands!

Now, I am completing one of my trip surprises for you this week.  It was almost finished when the world stopped and I moved on to other pressing matters.  I can't wait to share it with you - where will it be that I share? France? Germany? who knows but I know you will like it!  if not for you then for a gift for a special someone.

For more details on the upcoming trip contact Liz at  To discuss stitching then contact me through email at  Those who have travelled with us before can tell you what a grand time we have - never a dull moment!  Sightsee in the morning, stitch the rest of the day, or gossip, or nap, or eat. You get the picture.  Heck some of us even manage to stitch, drink, eat and gossip all at the same time!  We are multi-taskers!


I'm sure most of you have noticed that this year's ANG Seminar has gone virtual again.  While disappointing for many, including us teachers,  it also opens the opportunity for those who cannot travel to be able to take classes along with the rest.  I have 5 days of classes at this year's Seminar.  Those who know me know that I love the classes I teach.  I am not one to propose a class just to be doing something.

My favorite class (from a teacher's standpoint) is Vessels. 

One of the things that attracted me to this canvas was its simple lines.  The biggest attraction, however, was that it provides room to stitch!  Students have the space to get comfortable with the stitch.  They can study shading and how it is applied.   This class will be shared in 3 email lessons and 2 video visits. The video visits are for discussing issues you may have or asking questions.  All the techniques have been covered in the email lessons. 

A fun class with a bit of whimsy is Heloise Hooty which is a handpainted canvas from ACOD offering many stitches and techniques.

This adventure will involve a plethora of stitches and threads.  Additionally there will be embellishments of beads and sequins. Not to stop there, we will also play with needle felting on needlepoint.  This is a very happy, fun project. Lots to play with in this class.  It will involve 4 email lessons and 2 video discussions. The video visits are for discussing issues you may have or asking questions.  

A third class we are sharing is called Conventional Techniques with Unconventional Resources.

This class covers some techniques that are executed in unusual - or unconventional- ways.  The class will have 2 email lessons and 1 video discussion.The video visits are for discussing issues you may have or asking questions.  All the techniques have been covered in the email lessons.

Go to the ANG website - and get registered!  Registration opens on May 13 - just 5 days away!

I'm back to stitching on the next Online Mystery Class lessons.  Posting is schedule for around May 15!  We're working on Raymond Crawford's American Train series.  This upcoming lesson will finish the second car - The Liberty Bell!

Last session we finished the rail car and the bunting.  Upcoming is the firecrackers and the wonderful liberty bell.

On the cut Two by Two from Strictly Christmas we shared more animals. 
Up next are the elephants . . . 

and the lions . . . . 

That's it for today. Off I go to play with my needles!  Have a great week and remember to Stitch with a Smile!

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