Saturday, May 29, 2021


You know flowers come in many forms.  A couple posts back I shared some of the wonderful bounty of blooms we have been enjoying here at Arthur Acres.  I cannot take any credit for these beauties other than to say that I stuck them in the ground.  Many, like this gorgeous specimen over 30+ years ago.

She was transplanted 3 times over her lifetime.  She never failed us but continued(s) to amaze with her spectacular color.

Other forms of flowers come in the guise of family.  There too we have been bountifully blessed.  First my husband of 59+ years who has always been by my side and supports me in everything I choose to do. Two children who we have been graced the time to watch as they grow and become responsible citizens and just wonderful human beings.  Two beautiful granddaughters who have also made a wonderful path of their lives.  Both successful in their own way in fields that help others.  Both married to wonderful, successful, responsible and loving young men.  Four great-grandchildren who have the whole world ahead of them to choose their own way with the fantastic guidance of grounded parents.  We are so proud of our family!

How about flowers in the form of friends.  Here I cannot say enough about the importance of friends.  If you are as lucky as we you will have a few very special friends that are by your side no matter what.  Friends who insist on helping you whether you feel you need it or not.  Friends to laugh with and cry with.  Here again we have been blessed.

Pets are also flowers to me.  We no longer have these most unselfish beings in our lives but we certainly have been blessed with many along our journey.  Right now two onery, independent ferals have decided they will let us feed them - at their command I might add - but they will not give us the joy of cuddling them.  One has been with us almost 3 years and the other has just wandered in the last few months.  A couple others have made brief visits of a few months and then just as quickly as they came into our lives they vanished.  Some more friendly than others.  

How about flowers of everyday living?  We are blessed every single day we awake to a new beginning.  My flowers include my wonderful passion of needlework.  It is all consuming of my life now that I no longer can run the fields and play like a youngster.  It allows me the joy of my wandering mind.  I sit with my needle in hand, in my comfy nest, and I never know where my mind is going to take me at any given time.  

So flowers can be in many forms.  We just need to open our eyes and see them.

Speaking of flowers, it seemed it took this girl years before she started blooming and when she did it was very sparse.  Look at her this year!  She is surely strutting her stuff!  So beautiful!

Needles 'N Fins Stitching Adventures - private FB group

Are you a member of this group?  This is where you will first learn of our upcoming stitching adventures.  99.9% (or thereabouts) are riverboat cruises abroad.  We also have one in the works for Hawaii late 2022 or early 2023 but it will be a small cruise ship since we're gonna hop from island to island and there is only one line permitted to make those journeys.

There is much abuzz about our upcoming Tulips on the Rhine Riverboat Stitching Cruise set for the beginning of April 2022 - that is just around the corner!  Come join the many stitching friends that have already made their reservations!  You don't want to miss out.  Beautiful scenery - wonderful food - fantastic friends - wonderful food - lots of stitching time - wonderful food - did I mention that the food is wonderful?  UniWorld sure knows how to take care of its guests.

To get more information on the travel portion of this trip check with Liz our travel agent -  She can send you an up to date brochure and answer all your questions.  She can even take care of your flights if you desire.  I desire.  I like to have all my stuff under one roof.  That way the left hand and the right hand are coordinated.  At least I hope that is the situation and over the years it has never let me down.

Here's a little teaser map to entice you!

For more stitching information just email us at  My partner and I will be ready to help you with your stitching questions and plan to share some new techniques with you along the way.  There is an optional exclusive design kit available for purchase for those who want to experience every aspect of the trip - Windmills and Tulips.  You are welcome to bring projects from home as well.  

This is my stitching partner - does she look a little familiar?  She's our daughter too - Teresa.  See, I told you I am lucky and blessed!

ANG Seminar - 2021

Registration closes mid-June for the upcoming national seminar.  It has been necessary to conduct the seminar virtually again this year.  One advantage of this venue is that the classes are open to many more who might not be able to travel for various reasons.  

I have 3 classes that are taking registrations:

Heloise Hooty was a 2-day class and has a limited number of spaces.  She has needle felting, beads and gems galore and lots of fun stuff.

Vessels  was also  listed as 2-day class but has unlimited enrollment.  Lots of stitches and techniques going on here. 

Conventional Techniques using Unconventional Resources is a fun embellishment type class sharing unusual techniques.

Be sure to go over to ANG Website - - and check out all the classes available.  You won't be sorry and you don't want to miss this opportunity.  You do not need to be a member of ANG to take the classes.

F2F (face-to-face) Classes 

Activity is once again mounting as more and more restrictions are lifted and shops are opening.  Come visit us at Osterville Needlepoint on Cape Cod while we are there late June.  The classes are full but you can still come by and check out what everyone is playing on and maybe pick up a few 'essentials'.  

We're heading for Orlando to teach at The Black Sheep.  She is in the process of gathering canvases so our date is not yet finalized.  May be January - but be sure to get your name on the list!  Would love to see you.

Then in November we are heading back to Osterville but those classes are full as well.  If interested you might want to get your name on the wait list.

So lots going on - as we say, never a dull moment here at Arthur Acres.  Check things out and have a safe Holiday Weekend.  Thanks to all the veterans who have sacrificed so much for us.  

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