Sunday, April 4, 2021

 OOPS! Missed my Saturday post!  Too much going on.

Okay here are a few highlights  -

ANG National Seminar - August - Kansas City, MO

Yep it happened!  The f2f seminar has been canceled!  So so many were looking forward to this event.  It was going to be my first f2f in quite some time.  Oh well!  It is what it is.  What that does mean, however, it that they will do the Seminar virtually as they did last year.  This affords the opportunity to those who could not travel to be able to sight up for and participate in classes.  So go have a look and get those registrations in place,  We would love to have you n our classes.  In addition to the online setup of our classes we personally plan to do one zoom type class at the beginning to introduce ourselves and get a general feel of how things will go.  Then we plan to have another at the end so final questions may be asked and instructions clarified.

Online Mystery Classes

This weekend we posted the second session for the Engine of Raymond Crawford's American Train.

So next on the agenda will be the first session of the middle car known as the Liberty Bell.

Needles 'n Fins Stitching Adventures

Little by little travel restrictions are easing and some are being lifted.  Interest is building in oiur upcoming Hawaiian Island Hopping Stitching Cruise as well as the Tulip Time on the Rhine for 2022.  We'll keep a close watch and fingers crossed!

For those who celebrate Happy Easter!  Please stay safe!

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