Saturday, October 10, 2020

 Fall in Full Force

Our leaves are falling unbelievably fast here at Arthur Acres.  We mowed 2 days ago and if you look out it looks like the leaves haven't been touched for a week.  That's what you get when you select a place for all its beautiful trees!  Gotta take both sides of the situation.  With our 4+ acre yard and our age we just try to keep the leaves away from the house.  Other than that we let them enrich the soil so to speak.

Don't have much time to prepare a proper blog today but I did want to share with you an upcoming class that you might be interested in.  We were originally scheduled to teach at a retreat in Maine this month but it had to be cancelled - who knows for what reason (yea, right!).  Anyway the retreat hostess has decided to offer the classes online.  So my sweet guys - Peanut Butter and Jelly - will be available for you to enroll if you so desire.

Check at www. for the full details.  The classes are expected to begin on November 9 and will have weekly lessons for a total of 7 lessons.  It is my understanding that they will be set up as private Facebook Groups like my classes. Art Needlepoint will be providing a few options.  Those who have nothing will want the full kits.  Some have already gotten their canvases so they have an option for that group as well. So be sure to check with them for the various opportunities offered to participate in this class.  We'll be working with lots of techniques and threads - there will be ribbon involved also. These guys were a lot of fun for me and brought back many fond memories of our mule back home on the farm in Appalachia.  We'd love to have you join us.  

That's all I have a chance to share today.  I am still in the throes of working on this Virtual Trade Show Booth and rework our website as well.  Be sure to let your local needlepoint shop know about the show.  There are tons of exhibitors and shops registered so there will be lots to see and take in.  You as a customer will have a chance to look over some of the booths as well - including ours Duo Designs, Inc.  Lots of pictures with accompanying stock numbers for you to share with your shop.  No prices on the wholesale only website however.  The attending shop owners will have prices for you. Kinda wild until at least the first of November around here.

Stay safe and be careful!

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