Saturday, August 1, 2020

AUGUST!  Really?  AUGUST! 

 My birth month! I am thrilled to make it to another August!  Even in this crazy world we are currently experiencing!  We have learned that if we turn off the TV news, etc., it is really a beautiful place this world we live in.  Of course, we don't venture afar much normally so with these new rules it has not had the same results as it would on someone much younger I am sure.  We tried to have a picnic/swim party today with the grand/greatgrands and kids but that all went amuck.  First, of course, was the weather.  We are supposed to get a nasty storm today - all day.  Thankfully that has not materialized but the threat did its damage to cause us to postpone.  This may have been a blessing in disguise.  One of our great-grands got a call stating that teacher had tested positive for covid so we know where that went!  We are awaiting Monday testing as a precaution. Quarantine guidelines made it unwise for participation in our already delayed 'party'.  Then SIL decided to fall and spend a big chunk of the evening in the ER acquiring stitches.  So because of the outside exposure to who knows what at the hospital that kinda sealed that decision not to come to the 'party.'  So hubby and I are just going to 'party' by ourselves.  Oh, and here is what the storm is looking like at Arthur Acres.


Some very small canvas orders are starting to dwindle in.  Still have not gotten the most important one for the time - the Hawaiian optional class design!  Of course!  Why should we expect differently.


Still handling registrations for the upcoming classes so be sure to get on the list of those you are interested in.  Just email us at  You may refresh our offerings by scrolling through some past older posts.

Arctic Parade - if you are taking this class and did not notice, we have posted the first embellishment packet for those who are interested in purchasing.  Go to the secret FB page and have a look if you missed it.

Quick little poll.  Let me know if you would be interested in attending a huckweaving (aka Swedish embroidery) class.  We would be teaching you how to make this placemat.  Haven't priced it out but can do so quickly if there is enough interest.  This probably would be a one session class only.  It was taught at a seminar a few years back.  

Well things are very quiet around here today so I will just go back to my stitching until dinner time.  Although, as most of you know, Hubby does most of the cooking, our children have gifted us with the Home Chef meals.  For some reason Hubby seems to think they are much better when I prepare/cook them.  Wonder if the fact that he cooks everything on high might have anything to do with that?

Please stay safe and healthy.

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