Saturday, November 30, 2019


        PAYPAL INVOICES  HAVE BEEN MAILED FOR THE ONLINE MYSTERY CLASS AT     THE SEASHORE BY Sandra Gilmore!  If you have signed up and did not get an invoice email m right away at  You may still sign up for the class if desired.

Oh my!  Another year almost gone!  It just doesn't seem possible that 2019 is almost one for the history books.

With Thanksgiving behind us now we have Christmas looming before those of us who celebrate.  Just a few short weeks and that too will be gone.

White these are exciting times of the year I have been preoccupied with cruise preparations and designing.  I am so pleased with how the exclusive design for the Tulip Time Along the Rhine optional class kit is shaping up.  I am most anxious to share it with you!  Hopefully a picture will be forthcoming before Christmas.

Speaking of which - did you know that you can still ask Santa for the wonderful Tulip Time Along the Rhine riverboat stitching cruise!  Not a lot of space left so don't drag back if you want to come.  Last count we had 38 I believe and of those approximately 20 are returning stitcher/cruisers!  Isn't that exciting! Many have come on as many as 4 with us!  This makes me very proud and humble at the same time. Photos of some areas on the SS Antionette.

We will have many opportunities to stitch along the Rhine.  We will begin with a class night when we arrive for  our journey and before we embark on the beautiful ship.  Then once onboard ship we will have a minimum of two structured classes onboard.  Structured classes are formal classes. There will be many open stitching get togethers as well.  Open stitching is where you stitch whatever you want pretty much wherever you want and seek assistance from me or Teresa if you choose to do so.These gatherings will be announced to you in your nightly bulletins so you won't need to miss anything unless you choose to do so.  Of course our top priority is to see the beautiful countryside and experience the foods, arts, crafts, music, just the cultural in general while we are there and have the opportunity to do so.

I personally am looking forward to taking a canal boat ride on the canals while in The Netherlands!  Never been on one.  This photo is from Strasburg - an area we will be touring.

Be sure to follow along on Needles 'N Fins Stitching Adventures FB page.  We have so much fun! We'd love to have you.

Also be sure to check last week's blog and get info about additional mystery classes coming up!

Have a great weekend!

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