Saturday, July 6, 2019


Be sure to check out the special sale of class canvases over on our Etsy Shop - duodesignsbySandra.  Limited time and Limited number.

Where has this year gone?  We are already halfway through 2019!  So hard to absorb sometime.

I was blown away on the 4th by a surprise posting from the Royal School of Needlework.  They posted  July 4th wishes to Americans and they featured my design used to complete the Diploma for Stumpwork -

I am both humbled and proud!  (Is it okay to be both?)

I've been busily kitting for various events and stitching for others.

At the ANG Seminar in Houston in August this I am teaching 3 classes.  Registration is closed so we have our numbers and know how many to prepare for.  Canvases are all ready and now getting all the threads gathered.

If you are in Houston be sure to come by.  The Exhibit is free to the public and you can see some beautiful, breathtaking needlework on display.  Also, next year's class offerings will be displayed.  I'm teaching 2 in Tucson 2020.  The Crazy Needles Journey piece can be placed as a box top and reminded me of our crazy quilting when I was home on the farm quilting. The Journey part comes in because most of the stitches are named after a place - Dutch, Scotch, Parisian, Romanian, Hungarian, French, etc.

The next class will be the beautiful Flags of Glory.  There is ribbon work, beading, running stitches, and lots and lots more to get involved with in this design.


You can still sign up for our next class Just a Sip!  She is going to be fun too and we may offer a companion if there is enough interest.

Possibly. Not sure

Email if you want to join Just a Sip - - and give me your thoughts on a second class.

Have a safe week - be mindful of the heat.  Look in on your elderly neighbors!

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